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Starhawk impressions - Mechin' things interesting [BeefJack]

1295d ago - BeefJack: "With a shoestring plot and little challenge combat-wise, it’s difficult to see how Sta... | PS3

G4TV | Starhawk Single-player Campaign preview

1300d ago - Starhawk's spiritual predecessor Warhawk didn't have a single-player, but this time around that w... | PS3

PS4 Games To Look Out For In November 2015

Now - With all the amazing titles still to come this year, thought it would do you a favor and make it a little bit easier to keep track of... | Promoted post

Starhawk Single Player Campaign: The ‘Firefly’ Of Sci-fi Shooters

1309d ago - Starhawk campaign played and previewed by NowGamer, detailing mech combat, guns, tower defence an... | PS3

StarHawk Preview | VGutopia

1311d ago - StarHawk is the sci-fi spiritual successor to WarHawk and it’s finally about to be released. Josh... | PS3

Starhawk Campaign Hands-On: Wild West - PSBlog

1320d ago - PSBlog's Sid Shuman // Senior Social Media Specialist: Though legions of bloodthirsty PSN wa... | PS3

Preview: Starhawk Single Player [Examiner]

1322d ago - A preview of Starhawk featuring a look at two early levels in the single-player mode. | PS3

Starkhawk preview- on the ground and in the air with all the toys of an RTS (but none of the fuss)

1322d ago - PS3 Previews: Gears of War without cover? More like Battlefield in space! Jets, ‘mechs, speede... | PS3

Golden4games: Starhawk Preview

1335d ago - Starhawk provides fast paced third-person shooter action set in this lawless frontier of space, a... | PS3

(Play Vault's) Starhawk Beta Impressions

1335d ago - Play Vault: "Starhawk is designed and developed by Lightbox Interactive and is the follow up t... | PS3

Why Starhawk is Going to be Incredible...

1338d ago - BagoGames: "I absolutely loved Warhawk. In the days when brag worthy PS3 exclusives were few and... | PS3

Preview: Starhawk [eGamer]

1343d ago - "Imagine a sci-fi 3rd person shooter, let’s call it Battlefield 3 in space, and then add the stra... | PS3

Starhawk Co-Op Mode Hands-On [GDC 2012] |

1348d ago - Ian Fisher writes: With a game like Starhawk you may think there may not be much else to do other... | PS3

Starhawk’s release of 1.3 gives us a first look at clan management.

1355d ago - "Over all the clan management is sleek and very easy to use, almost back to the basics that we al... | PS3

GotGame: Starhawk Beta Preview

1360d ago - GotGame: Developed by Light Box Interactive, Starhawk is a spiritual successor to Warhawk, the PS... | PS3

Starhawk Multiplayer Beta Preview - GameZone

1365d ago - GameZone writes, "Starhawk is sure to become something of a multiplayer institution when it drops... | PS3

Console XP: Starhawk beta impressions

1378d ago - Zhill Olonan writes: "Back in 2007, I was an avid Warhawk player. I loved the strategic, team-ori... | PS3

NowGamer - Starhawk Preview

1382d ago - NowGamer - While this is, developmentally, the follow-up to Warhawk, it isn’t a direct sequel. No... | PS3

[GND Features] Monthly Qore Drop (MQD) Episode 46 featuring Starhawk

1383d ago - GND says;"With episode 45 of Qore dropping only two days ago, makes you wonder what is in store f... | PS3

Testing Out LightBox's Starhawk

1384d ago - GamingUnion: "LightBox Interactive and Sony have been slowly kicking up the gears on Starhawk, th... | PS3

Ps-Analog Starhawk Impressions: "Warhawk Infused with Ikea"

1387d ago - First things first, WOW! That was the feeling I was left with after spending a few hours with Sta... | PS3

See what games are coming out in 2016

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Starhawk Beta Impressions | Warp Zoned

1388d ago - Warp Zoned writes: "Starhawk is an upcoming third-person shooter set to be released on May 8.... | PS3

How to kick ass in Starhawk

1390d ago - Starhawk's beta experience is now in public beta. Despite the expected connectivity problems and... | PS3

Starhawk Preview-Beta Impressions (

1390d ago - The Starhawk Multiplayer experience certainly has a lot to offer, will the game fly like a hawk o... | PS3

UnWinnable: Starhawk Preview

1390d ago - UnWinnable: Growing up, if the word “star” appeared in the title of something, I was immediately... | PS3

Starhawk Beta Preview [MEGamers]

1393d ago - MEG: "If you’re lucky enough to have gained access to the Starhawk beta in some way or other (per... | PS3
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