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Eurogamer 2011: Starhawk, TPS/RTS?

1378d ago ... Space, the final frontier... or is it? No it’s not, according to Lightbox Interactive’s follow-up to Warhawk, a multi-player only TPS released in 2007 on PS3. The new frontier involves some kind of space gold rush, in which the very substance you’re fighting for can mutate you into some kind of boney, glowing tribal warrior. The space-western theme is very reminiscent of cult fave TV show Fi...

GamesCom 2011 1st day from a real gamer

1415d ago ... Why from a real gamer? Im not a journalist, I´m a passionate and enthusiast that is not living the fair from behind the scene but from in front, doing queues, standing in line for hours and all that jazz ;)! Well, so I`m in Cologne now for the GamesCom and looking forward to another 10 hours at the fair. Yesterday was a cool day fun-wise, in fact the fair was crowded (more than last yea...

StarHawk Can Resurrect PSN

1517d ago ... With the current farce of the hacking situation of Playstation Network hopefully reaching a satisfactory conclusion next week, I think it's time to start looking forward to what gamers can enjoy on the service once the dust has settled. Whatever your opinion on PSN, I feel sorry for Playstation 3 only owners for the simple fact they currently cannot enjoy online gaming. I'm a multiplatform o...

My E3 2011 Predictions

1530d ago ... Console Publishers SONY 1. NGP will get a name, pricing and release date. 2. First Party Game Series such as Uncharted, WipeOut, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance, Killzone, Ratchet & Clank and 2 New IP's. 3.XMB 2.0 will be announced to launch in PS3 on release of NGP. New Features should include Cross Game Chat, NGP Connectivity and new applications taboo. 4. Uncharted 3, The Last Guardian,...

Greatest Warhawk Moments

1701d ago ... With rumors of Santa Monicas next project on the rise, Starhawk, the supposed successor of one of the still most played online multi player shooters for the PS3; Warhawk, many gamers are recalling some of their most fondest memories of playing. Some may be insane kill streaks, ridiculous laser strike kills, and down right absurd vehicular man slaughters, but one things for sure; there was never...
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