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StarDrive Patch 1.15 Fixes AI, Production And Remnant Quests

750d ago - SegmentNext writes: "Space game StarDrive has issued an update for Patch 1.15 that will take care... | PC

StarDrive Review | GES

842d ago - A quest to touch the stars and expand your galactic empire is what awaits you in this space opera... | PC

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StarDrive Review - Gaming Nexus

895d ago - From the review: "“StarDrive” is squarely in the space-based 4X tradition of MoO and GalCiv. If y... | PC

StarDrive – Review | GamingLives

904d ago - GamingLives looks at the 4X strategy by successful KickStarter, Zero Sum Games "There is no de... | PC

StarDrive Review | LevelSave

919d ago - Barry writes, "StarDrive is an absolute blast to play. I’ver spent hours and hours in this game a... | PC

StarDrive Tutorial Featuring Invasion Tactics and more

923d ago - Everything from speeding up time to how to use subspace projectors and launching infantry into sp... | PC

Steam Summer Sale Spotlight Special Feature 11

933d ago - As Steam gets closer to the end of their summer getaway, the deals aren't slowing down. | PC

StarDrive Review [NoobFeed]

934d ago - From the review - Being a one-man operation doesn’t score StarDrive many points. Its true glory i... | PC

StarDrive Review | SelectButton

938d ago - "StarDrive is wholly a 4X strategy game, a genre that I have noted in the past for enjoying its d... | PC

Steam Summer Sale Spotlight - Day 3

941d ago - And on the third day... | PC

PCGamer- StarDrive Review

943d ago - PCG:StarDrive is mostly the work of one man. Yet the point about being an impartial reviewer is t... | PC

TGS: Star Drive Review

972d ago - Space, the final frontier, it’s vast emptiness is a mystery to most of us here on Earth. Luckily... | PC

Toronto Thumbs Review: StarDrive

978d ago - From the Review: "Every so often, I get the hankering to play some strategy-filled Civilizatio... | PC

StarDrive Review | ComboCaster

980d ago - 4X space strategy games seem to be the specialty of the Iceberg lately. After the fantastic Endle... | PC

StarDrive Review | GameGrin

980d ago - Those casually skimming across games in a bid to find something new to play, might see StarDrive... | PC

Indie Game Insider | StarDrive Review

980d ago - StarDrive attempts to mesh the best of the 4X genre together, only to end up lost in space. | PC

StarDrive Review | DarkStation

981d ago - DarkStation: "A very ambitious undertaking, StarDrive has a lot of promise. There’s a lot the dev... | PC

StarDrive (PC) is Out Now In Retail Stores

984d ago - Videogame publisher Iceberg Interactive announces to have released StarDrive (PC) in European ret... | PC

Review: StarDrive | Screen-Shaped Eyes

986d ago - Scott of Screen-Shaped Eyes has gone somewhat boldly into a galaxy full of space-bears and slave-... | PC

StarDrive Review | Machinima

987d ago - Machinima: "If you’re a fan of RTS and strategy games, you can get a few good evenings out of Sta... | PC

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StarDrive Review | Destructoid

991d ago - Destructoid: "For a one-man effort, StarDrive is impressive. It's huge, looks great, and it has a... | PC
60° StarDrive Review

992d ago - Space themed 4x strategy game StarDrive harkens back to the golden age of RTS and space colonizat... | PC

Game-Modo: What I’ve Played – StarDrive

993d ago - StarDrive is a new 4x space strategy game by Zero Sum Games, a one man team that has jumped every... | PC

StarDrive | Good Game SP Review

994d ago - GGSP writes: I enjoyed StarDrive, and I loved how many little sci-fi references they've cramme... | PC

StarDrive PJ review

997d ago - Space themed 4X games are undergoing something of a revival in recent years, with titles like End... | PC
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