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User Review : StarCraft II: Wings of LIberty

  • great graphics and music that fits the scene
  • One of the best strategy gameplays
  • blends modernity with classic
  • only one campaign
  • some frustrating levels

WARNING!!! Highly Addictive game!!!

Ever heard of James Raynor? No??
well shame on you!!!*
(* if you are a gamer of course)
well now if you are a gamer, you should hear of James Raynor, Kerrigan and all the Star Craft characters
they're back, prettier than ever, with great graphics, awesome game engine, and minimum specs that even a 5 years old PC should run it.
While keeping the classic things that made StarCaft a legend, Blizzard did a great job adding new features to the game that makes it even better.
with lots of shooting, killing, blood, amazing music that fits the scene and an awesome voice acting, in addition to the great cut scenes and movies and all the pre-game scenes that you can let "James Raynor" react in it, you'll feel like you just need to finish the game in one session.
so all this sweet talk, why did not I gave the game a perfect 10.0 score?
well that' why:
dividing the game into three games could be a marketing thing, or maybe that makes the game a long one, but it's not bad that the game could be long right? (Dragon Age for an example)
so that Makes SC2 Wings of Liberty a short game and maybe a bit expensive, also wee need to wait another year or 2 to get the second game? what??? Comon!

in General, the game is brilliant for joining the present with the past, so if you are a StarCraft Veteran or even a new comer to the series, I highly recommend the game.
but be careful, Blizzard is known to create addictive games, and this is surely one of them...

The game has amazing graphics with a great game engine that has a very little bugs (if none) and even an old PC could run the game on low setting.
The Voice acting is solid, accompanied with great sound effects, the music really fits the scene, can't forget the creepy zerg sounds.
Blizzard really succeeded with combining the classic elements with the modern elements. Bringing back lots of old units and combining them with new technology really went well
Fun Factor
What can I say! this is Starcaft! there are Starcraft 1 online players you know ;)
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tacosRcool2767d ago

The only thing I don't like about this game is the fact I have to wait a year or two just to play the Zerg campaign and a few more just to play the Protoss! I wish they would hurry up!