Dev of the Day : Size Five Games
  Interview with Size Five Games' Dan Marshall

Dan Marshall of Size Five Games talks to us about what it means to be an indie developer, the deeper meaning behind Gun Monkeys and refuses to shar...

StarCraft II: Win... Interviews  

StarCraft II Creative Development Q&A - Part 11

565d ago - Blizzard Writes: "In part eleven of our continuing series, Brian Kindregan, co-lead writer of... | PC

Blizzard Game Director Dustin Browder Explains Why StarCraft II Pro Gamers Are Athletes

575d ago - With a new year of eSports upon us, Blizzard Entertainment (a division of Activision Blizzard Pub... | PC

StarCraft II: Flashpoint - Blizzplanet Interviews Christie Golden

619d ago - Blizzplanet interviewed New York Times Best Selling author Christie Golden to discuss details of... | PC

The Marriage of Science and StarCraft

851d ago - An overview of what is, coupled with an audio interview with Mark Blair, lead of th... | PC

Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Major League Gaming CEO Sundance DiGiovanni Outlines New 2012 Season

921d ago - Sundance DiGiovanni, co-founder and CEO of Major League Gaming (MLG), is building on the success... | PC

MK - Interview with StarCraft II: HotS developer Allen Dilling

986d ago - Merlin'in Kazani interviewed Allen Dilling - StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Lead 3D Artist. We... | PC

More Than Jim Raynor: Catching Up with Voice Actor Robert Clotworthy

997d ago - An interview with Robert Clotworthy, the voice of Jim Raynor from StarCraft. He talks about his r... | PC

Good Game: A Year in the Life of Team Evil Geniuses Starcraft 2 Team

1005d ago - GameZone's eSports expert Dustin Steiner interviews Mary Ratliff of Nine Hour Films, director of... | PC

Blizzplanet Interviews StarCraft: Ghost--Spectres Author Nate Kenyon

1033d ago - Blizzplanet interviewed Nate Kenyon, author of the long-awaited StarCraft: Ghost--Spectres to fin... | PC

GDC 2011: Dustin Browder Confirms StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm in 2012

1242d ago - Dustin Browder confirmed at the GDC 2011 that StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm still needs a year... | PC

Gameroni: Exclusive with Robert Clotworthy, the Voice of Starcraft's Jim Raynor

1260d ago - Andrew Cretella writes: "Robert Clotworthy is a professional actor with over 1,000 on camera and... | PC

Starcraft Interview: Jim Raynor

1296d ago - The podcast hosts at Gaming Union have just released an interview Robert Clotworthy, the voice of... | PC

Blizzcon 2010: Blizzplanet Starcraft II Lead Writer Interview

1369d ago - Blizzplanet interviewed Starcraft II Lead Writer Brian Kindreagan to discuss community concerns a... | PC

GamePron Interview: Brian Kindregan

1374d ago - GamePron: "While at BlizzCon 2010, we had the opportunity to catch up with Brian Kindregan, lead... | PC

Boxer’s Moving Marines Fires GSL

1379d ago - SlayerS_Boxer, YoHwan Lim, defeated HeeDoo Hwang by 2 to 0 and is promoted to the round of 32 of... | PC

BoxerS Wants Code S

1385d ago - e-Sports of Korea has boomed by BoxerS’ return yesterday. He said “I played in earnest after... | PC

Sound Byte: The Music and Sounds of Starcraft II

1444d ago - Gamespot writes: Russell Brower shares his thoughts on being an audio director for Starcraft I... | PC

Interview With Blizzard's Brian Kindreagan, lead writer for StarCraft II

1454d ago - An exclusive interview with Brian Kindreagan, lead writer for StarCraft II from Blizzard. | PC

Strategy Informer: StarCraft 2 Interview

1462d ago - Strategy Informer writes: "So it's here, it's out, and no doubt you're all carving your way throu... | PC

EDGE Interview: StarCraft II's Carl Chimes & Mike Ryder

1463d ago - EDGE: "we met up with lead software engineer, Carl Chimes and vice president and managing directo... | PC

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GamerZines: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty - Interview Part 2

1511d ago - GamerZines: The second and final part of our exclusive chat with Blizzard's vice executive presid... | PC

GamerZines: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty - Interview Part 1

1512d ago - GamerZines: We sit down with Blizzard's Frank Pearce, flanked by Bob Colayco, to discuss one of t... | PC

GRTV: Starcraft II interview

1519d ago - Gamereactor met with Blizzard Entertainment art director Samwise Didier to discuss Starcraft II:... | PC

G4TV: StarCraft 2 Multiplayer Beta Developer Interview

1532d ago - Blizzard design director Dustin Browder is passionate about the StarCraft 2 multiplayer beta. Lis... | PC

An Extensive Interview With StarCraft II's Design Director

1572d ago - GI: Dustin Browder, the design director for Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming mega-RTS StarCraft... | 12
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