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Star Wars: A new hope for The Old Republic

15d ago - Eurogamer: "I am an Imperial Agent. I am a Smuggler. I am a Jedi Knight. This is my story.... | PC

Top 10 Star Wars Video Games

15d ago - Bit Cultures writes: The upcoming DICE game Star Wars Battlefront has gamers and fans alike excit... | PS2

See What TV Series Premiers this Month

Now - Check for a complete overview of season premiers this November. | Promoted post

The Force Is Strong With Star Wars: The Old Republic's Newest Expansion

17d ago - TSA: Not that long ago, in a galaxy quite close to home, I remember first laying eyes on The Old... | PC

Knights of the Fallen Empire Feels More Like A Classic BioWare RPG, and that’s a good thing!

27d ago - The new 4.0 for Star Wars: The Old Republic has changed everything, while a fresh expansion to on... | PC

Star Wars: The Old Republic's latest expansion is the next best thing to a KOTOR sequel

28d ago - The new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire – launches today... | PC

Star Wars: The Old Republic Now Feels More Like A Classic BioWare RPG

30d ago - Kotaku writes: "Star Wars: The Old Republic’s new 4.0 update changes everything, as does a fresh... | PC

Is Star Wars: The Old Republic Level Scaling a Good Idea?

45d ago - There is a disturbance in the Force, a disturbance that has been felt by the players of the Star... | PC

If SWTOR Voice Actors Go on Strike

52d ago - So if you’ve been following the industry news, you may have heard rumor about a potential voice a... | PC

20 Video Games That Ruined Their Own Potential

79d ago - WC As the busiest gaming period of the year arrives, what better time to remember the danger o... | Culture

Why Star Wars: The Old Republic Going F2P Made It Better

163d ago - There have been few mmorpg games that have been developed and launched with such hype as Star War... | PC

Harassment of SWTOR Developers

202d ago - SWTORStrategies: "Stop. Just stop for a minute. We like to have fun here. Sometimes we even like... | PC

Top 10 Star Wars Games to Celebrate May the 4th

206d ago - It's that time of the year again, fellow Force-users. Time to kick back, grab some Jamba Juice, a... | PC

Is the Star Wars: The Old Republic 12X XP Boost a Good Idea?

209d ago - A player will usually earn a great deal more xp from defeating a powerful lord in a game as oppos... | PC

Bel's Blog Bonanza: Star Wars Galaxies, Wildstar and More

215d ago - In this week's issue of Bel's Blog Bonanza, Belghast takes on gaming's current issues: from Star... | PC

How Do I Start? A Beginner's Guide to MMOs

258d ago - An introduction into the world of MMOs, the challenges and excitement to be had, and a brief over... | PC

Why Cancelling Shadow Realms Helps SWTOR

273d ago - When BioWare decided to get into the arena of mmorpg games, they did so in a major way with the r... | PC

Do You Remember These 9 Fantastic CG Trailers?

293d ago - CG trailers are all the rage these days. We here at Twinfinite put together a list of nine of the... | Xbox 360

SWTOR: Patch 3.1.1 Jedi Sentinel and Sith Marauder Changes Analytical Video Preview

296d ago - SWTOR Strategies: In this video Vulkk introduces the upcoming changes for Jedi Sentinel and Sith... | PC

Star Wars Battlefront: Is THIS How Heroes Work?

306d ago - Swtorstrategies: If DICE did follow the way Titanfall works each player will have an opportunity... | PC

SWTOR as eSport – Can It Happen?

308d ago - Swtorstrategies: "So this is not the first time this question has been proposed but we want to op... | PC

Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Review

Now - Justin tries his hand at creating supreme Mario levels. | Promoted post

The Best Android Games of the week 12-29

328d ago - Hardcore Droid gives you this week's top Android games of the week. Whether you want to try a str... | Android

The Best And Worst MMOs of 2014

339d ago - Denny from Game Rant revisits the most popular new MMOs and expansion from 2014 to find out which... | Culture

5 Recommended MMOs for the Week (Dec 15 - 21, 2014)

344d ago - Have you been a little tired of the MMO you are playing now? Are you busy with looking for the be... | PC

Top 5 Disappointing MMOs

344d ago - MMO-Play gathered a list of the most disappointing MMO's in the history of gaming. | PC

The Worst Raid Boss of All: Language Barriers

365d ago - MMOGames writes: "It’s 2014 and a long way from when MMOs first started hitting the mainstream ma... | Culture
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