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  SpyParty: A Game in Which I Kill My Husband

By Cat Chris Hecker gets paid to watch me kill my husband over and over again. Well, he gets paid for his magnificent creation, SpyParty, wit...

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What We Could Have Expected From Battlefront 3

451d ago - We take a look at the new and old gameplay footage, screenshots, concept art and features of the... | PC

The Sad and Problematic History of Battlefront III

452d ago - GE: Battlefront III is a game that has plagued the minds of gamers for 7 years now. The game w... | Xbox 360

What Does The LucasArts Closure Mean For Games Like Battlefront 3?

461d ago - GXC: "With the recent news that Disney decided to shut down LucasArts, it has left a lot of peopl... | PC

Out of time: the Free Radical story – Part Two

531d ago - Free Radical’s story continues as Haze development stumbles, and a deal with Lucasarts marks the... | Xbox 360

Filmwatch June Contests

Now - Join us as we give away a ton of cash this month! | Promoted post

Out of time: the Free Radical story – Part One

532d ago - Born from GoldenEye 64 developer Rare, Free Radical Design’s story is a long and complicated one.... | GameCube

I Don't Want To Think About Star Wars: Battlefront III Anymore

580d ago - Game Informer - Some things you just can't let go. Our current fascination with the unreleased St... | Culture

Facebook Like Campaign For Battlefront III Release

722d ago - Conner Heggie has a dream, a dream he shares with many many others. They all dream that someday s... | PC

How Pandemic Lost the Battlefront Due to Conquest

727d ago - The story of how the galaxy was robbed of the third installment of the Star Wars: Battlefront ser... | PS2

Industry Blend: XCOM Reboot Or Star Wars: Battlefront 3?

913d ago - After hearing the news about XCOM: Enemy Unknown being the big Game Informer reveal, were you exc... | PC

10 Bold Gaming Predictions For 2012

922d ago -'s 10 bold predictions for the year ahead in gaming. | PC

The history of Battlefront 3 and its potential future

973d ago - The Star Wars: Battlefront series, perhaps one of the most illusive and unstable franchises, has... | PC

Star Wars Battlefront III - Where is it Now?

1238d ago - The game was never officially announced or revealed, but let’s face it – it was at one point know... | PC

What Will The Next Star Wars Game Be?

1679d ago - We all heard that the next Star Wars game will be unveiled on December.12th at the Spike Video Ga... | 1,2,11

Six Awesome Games That Were Never Released

1730d ago - Loot Ninja writes: "Feeling a bit too happy today? I'm not – looking over this list of... | 1, 2, 8, 12

Lost And Found: Games Gone MIA-Located at E3?

1849d ago - OXCGN: "Prior to E3'09 I listed 22 games gone Missing In Action (MIA) that I hoped to s... | 33,1,2,11,12

E3 Search: 10 More Games Missing In Action

1868d ago - OXCGN: "These are games that must make an appearance at this year's E3, or they will be... | 33,2,11

IGN: What Happened to Star Wars Battlefront III?

1999d ago - IGN: We talk to an ex-employee at Free Radical to get the scoop on the leaked footage, Timesplitt... | 1,2,3,4,5,9,12

1UP: Star Wars Retro Roundup

2083d ago - 1UP writes: "A long time ago -- 30 years to be precise -- in a Mann's Chinese Theatre far, f... | 1,2,3,4,8,9,10,11,12

Does Star Wars still matter to you?

2085d ago - On the heels of the new Bioware Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO announcement, Sarcastic Gamer pos... | 1,2,3,4,5,11,12,13,15

Top 5 Hardcore Games You'll Want To Play In 2009

2086d ago - writes: The holiday season is fast approaching, and we all know what that means Y... | 1,2,11

Mind Zero (Vita) Review

Now - Jae checks out this familiar Vita RPG. | Promoted post

The other upcoming Xbox games... (part 2)

2363d ago - Here is the second part of Xbox World 360's feature. From Lost to Wheelman. Only one game yo... | 2

Top Ten Developers of All Time - #7 LucasArts

2448d ago - Ripten lists its top ten developers of all time, channeling the power of force at #7 with LucasArts. | 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11,12,13

Xbox 360, Wii And PS3 Groundbreakers For 2008

2612d ago - CB Games has a top 10 rundown of some of the upcoming games for 2008. Some of the games featur... | 1,2,3,11
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