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Disney Abandons Star Wars 1313 Trademark

376d ago - Angie Santiago reports: "It appears that Disney has finally banged in the final nail into the Sta... | PC

Gamers petition for EA to finish Star Wars 1313

481d ago - Gamers have started a petition on for Electronic Arts to finish the production of Star... | PC

A Farewell to LucasArts

662d ago - The writers, editors and other content producers of inMotion Gaming come together to talk their f... | PC

Avalanche Studios' founder claims that Star Wars 1313 needed another two years to be completed

665d ago - DSOGaming writes: "A couple of minutes ago, we informed you about the ‘closure’ of Lucas Arts. Ok... | PC

Front-end Developers Wanted

Now - Want to help us build the new N4G platform? | Promoted post

Lucas Rep Says Star Wars 1313 Might Be Saved

665d ago - Game Informer recently interviewed a representative from LucasFilm, who shed some light on the ev... | PC

Disney Shuts Down LucasArts, Cancels Star Wars 1313 And Star Wars: First Assault

665d ago - Staff were involved of the shutdown this morning, according to a reliable Kotaku source. Some 150... | Industry

Star Wars 1313 on hold, claims new report

698d ago - Development of Star Wars 1313 is on hold, a new report has claimed. Sources familiar with deve... | PC

The Strange Status of Star Wars: 1313, A Hot Game With an Uncertain Future

699d ago - Kotaku: "Three unrelated sources familiar with game development at LucasArts have all told us tha... | PC

Star Wars 1313 Not Coming This Year After All

741d ago - Earlier this morning, the online gaming community was abuzz with news that Star Wars 1313 has bee... | PC

Star Wars 1313 coming to PS3 in 2013 reveals Sony Playstation DE

742d ago - Sony Playstation DE has revealed that Star Wars 1313 is coming to PS3 this year. | PS3

LinkedIn Sleuthing: Star Wars 1313 to include vehicles, facial motion capture

746d ago - Thanks to some employee LinkedIn profiles, we know a little more about Star Wars 1313, and an una... | Dev

Upcoming PC games of 2013

757d ago - PCGamer has a huge list of (12 pages!) upcoming PC games for 2013. Elder Scrolls Online, Star... | PC

Star Wars: 1313 "business as usual" for LucasArts

820d ago - IGN: With today's announcement that Disney is purchasing Lucas Film for $4 billion dollars, many... | PC

Star Wars 1313 Interview: Creative Director Dominic Robbilliard

861d ago - OPM UK writes: We recently had the chance to chat to Dominc Robbilliard, the creative director of... | PC

The OXM Report - LucasArts on the "precious responsibility" of Star Wars 1313

880d ago - OXM - I can't think of a Star Wars reference for this opening paragraph. It must be Friday. The l... | PC

Star Wars 1313 development 'daunting'

881d ago - Developing Star Wars 1313 is a 'daunting' experience, according to Lucasarts Dominic Robilliard. | PC

Bounty Hunters not final in Star Wars 1313 and more

891d ago - Xbigy Games' Kamran Draeger writes: "One of the titles that stole the show at this year's E3 w... | PC

Gamescom 2012: Was the Star Wars 1313 demo played on a PS3 DualShock controller?

895d ago - PSU writes: "Though LucasArts has yet to confirm which platforms its mature-themed third-person a... | Dev

LucasArts slams E3's "ultra-violent" trailers, Star Wars 1313 is "mature" but "not for psychopaths"

905d ago - OXM UK: Developers shouldn't "push those buttons", says creative director. | PC

Trailers should never look better than gameplay, says Star Wars 1313 developer

905d ago - "It's an instant point of frustration" for players [OXM] | PC

WWE 2K15 (PS4) Review

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Creative Director Robilliard on Hero & Progression in Star Wars 1313

907d ago - Star Wars 1313 Creative Director Dominic Robilliard chats about the a non-Jedi hero, focus on nar... | PC

Star Wars 1313 video interview with LucasArts and ILM

908d ago - Star Wars 1313 was one of the most graphically impressive games at E3. CVG even claimed it featur... | PC

Star Wars 1313: Amazon unveils platforms?

908d ago - Amazon germany lists the platforms for Star Wars 1313. | PC

Star Wars 1313's Creative Director Talks Criminals and the Franchise's Gritty New Direction

932d ago - Forbes- "We don’t know much about LucasArts’ upcoming title “Star Wars 1313,” but the little we s... | PC

Star Wars: 1313 not even in full development yet

961d ago - There’s a very good reason LucasArts is staying mum on Star Wars: 1313‘s release dates and platfo... | PC
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