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Gaming Is Becoming Too Big For Its Own Good

1043d ago ... Disney. Disney, Disney, Disney. In case you didn't know, Disney announced that LucasArts will be shut down in favour of moving from a development model to a licensing model. A few people have been saying that this is a good thing because LucasArts hasn't exactly been putting out quality stuff for awhile, and more are saying it's a bad thing chiefly because of Star Wars 1313 and how good of a...

Tired of this Schmitt Episode II: Attack of the Clones

1297d ago ... The term ‘clone’ has been a hot word in the gaming industry for a long time. The process for identifying one is simple: the gamer views a newly-released game that pushes the genre forward-or possibly creates a new genre altogether, perceives later-released franchises within that same genre borrowing ideas from the originator, and then call it a clone of said originator. While I have no proble...
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