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Forbes - Review: Star Trek Into Darkness's Alternate Vision Of Mediocrity

738d ago - Forbes - Star Trek: Into Darkness, directed by J.J. Abrams, opens in movies theaters across the U... | PC

Star Trek: The Video Game Review | Gaming Union

739d ago - Gaming Union: "Star Trek: The Video Game turns out to be another dismal entry into the film/video... | PC

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CSM - Star Trek Review

739d ago - CSM - While the premise of Star Trek is very appealing -- stepping into the shoes as Kirk and Spo... | PC

Star Trek: The Video Game Review | TheHDRoom

739d ago - TheHDRoom: "There is a moment in Star Trek: The Video Game when a firefight with the Gorn leads t... | Xbox 360

Star Trek Review – Gametactics

740d ago - It seems odd that a game based on the Star Trek reboot that has nothing to do with the movie that... | Xbox 360

Star Trek: The Game Review I Nerd Reactor

741d ago - Nerd Reactor: "I’m fairly forgiving when it comes to glitches, but only when they are few and do... | Xbox 360

Star Trek (2013) Review | Invisible Gamer

742d ago - Nathan Butler looks at Digital Extreme's Star Trek, the video game prequel to the just-released S... | PC

Star Trek Review | Nerdluster

742d ago - Nerdluster: After the last phaser rifle is fired and the final Gorn flops dead to the floor the r... | PC

PluggedIn - Star Trek Review

743d ago - Games with movie tie-ins don't have a great track record. They always offer a few character eleme... | PC

Star Trek: The Video Game Review - PlayDevil

743d ago - PlayDevil has published a full review of the new much anticipated "Star Trek" game from Namco Ban... | Xbox 360

Addicted-Gamers | Star Trek Review

744d ago - Mike.M writes @ Addicted-Gamers writes: "Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way. I’m not a Trekk... | Xbox 360

Star Trek: The Video Game Review | DarkStation

744d ago - DarkStation: "As licensed games go, there have been worse than Star Trek. It stays out of the bo... | PC

DualShockers | Review: Star Trek

744d ago - David Rodriguez writes, "Why would I review this game? I love Star Trek, and I am interested in e... | PC

Star Trek: The Video Game Review | GameDynamo

744d ago - GameDynamo - "Star Trek: The Video Game, with all its promise, falls into the category of being j... | PC

Star Trek Review | Pixel Hunt

745d ago - It’s time to boldly go where no Trek game has gone before! Star Trek: The Video Game is going to... | PC

Star Trek review | imediamonkey

745d ago - Star Trek: The Game is marketing itself on the series’ cast, and not on gameplay in the slightes... | PC

Game review: 'Star Trek' isn't worth the journey | Sentinel and Enterprise

745d ago - If this is Starfleet's best hope for survival, humanity is as good as doomed. | PC

Star Trek: The Video Game review | Gamedot

745d ago - Star Trek: The Video Game has too many obtrusive issues to be played by even the most hardened of... | PC

Star Trek review | AsiaOne

745d ago - For Star Trek fans, there is some enjoyment in listening to the cast try their best to elevate a... | PC

Star Trek Review | Bit-tech

745d ago - Star Trek would be simply a boring attempt to emulate some parts from better games and get by on... | PC

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Star Trek review | GeekDad

745d ago - So, did the game live up to the awesomeness of the rebooted film franchise? Um, not exactly. | PC

Star Trek Review | spong

745d ago - spong writes: 'Reviews// Star Trek Posted 29 Apr 2013 16:22 by Mark E. Johnson In retros... | Xbox 360

Review: Star Trek (New Gamer Nation)

745d ago - What makes gamers everywhere cringe all at once? When a video game is created based off a popula... | PC

Star Trek Review | GamingTrend

745d ago - GamingTrend writes: 'When I saw the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie, I walked out with mixed emotion... | Xbox 360

Star Trek Review | GameGrin

746d ago - Star Trek: The Video Game manages to achieve the impossible. The developers have harnessed some h... | PC

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