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TotalGaming: Star Soldier R review

2141d ago - TG: "I can only hope that Hudsonsoft are testing the water with this release, and will... | 3

Worthplaying Review: Star Soldier R

2214d ago - During the PC Engine heyday (known as the TurboGrafx-16 here in the U.S.), Japanese gamers were t... | 3

Hooked Gamers: Star Soldier R Review

2333d ago - While Star Soldier R lacks a story mode, it's a great WiiWare title that will always keep you com... | 3

Cubed3: Star Soldier R Review

2333d ago - Whilst many will look at this as being just a two stage shooter for a high price that is definite... | 3

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Eurogamer Review: WiiWare Roundup

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Star Soldier R Review (TotalGaming)

2337d ago - Ryan Lambie of TotalGaming writes: "It's not really clear why Hudsonsoft decided to only rel... | 3

Review: Star Soldier R (Diehard Gamefan)

2342d ago - Diehard Gamefan: "DO not buy this game. Send a message to Hudson Soft and send it without th... | 3

Star Soldier R Review (Gamespot)

2343d ago - Who needs variety? Even with just two levels, Star Soldier R provides hours of score-hunting good... | 3

Gamedaily reviews Star Soldier R

2343d ago - Robert Workman writes: ''The second week of WiiWare brings Hudson Soft's latest shoot-em-up, St... | 3

1UP reviews Star Soldier R

2345d ago - 1UP writes: "You should know one important thing about Star Soldier R -- something you're ev... | 3

Star Soldier R (WiiWare World)

2345d ago - The shoot 'em up genre has been lacking for many years now, so it's no real surprise that shooter... | 3

GamePlasma Reviews Star Soldier R

2345d ago - Peter Skerritt from GamePlasma writes: "Star Soldier R is a solid example of the vertical sh... | 3

NGamer: Star Soldier R Review

2352d ago - It's a high score game, and players can either tackle two fully fledged levels (five minute attac... | 3
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