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Star Soldier R All Stories  

TotalGaming: Star Soldier R review

2398d ago - TG: "I can only hope that Hudsonsoft are testing the water with this release, and will... | 3

Worthplaying Review: Star Soldier R

2471d ago - During the PC Engine heyday (known as the TurboGrafx-16 here in the U.S.), Japanese gamers were t... | 3


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Hooked Gamers: Star Soldier R Review

2590d ago - While Star Soldier R lacks a story mode, it's a great WiiWare title that will always keep you com... | 3

Cubed3: Star Soldier R Review

2590d ago - Whilst many will look at this as being just a two stage shooter for a high price that is definite... | 3

Eurogamer Review: WiiWare Roundup

2592d ago - Eurogamer takes a look at a handful of WiiWare titles: "The long-awaited debut of WiiWare fi... | 3

Star Soldier R Review (TotalGaming)

2594d ago - Ryan Lambie of TotalGaming writes: "It's not really clear why Hudsonsoft decided to only rel... | 3

Star Soldier R WiiWare Tournament

2595d ago - We got a cheeky little press release from Hudson today which we thought might be of interest to s... | 3

Review: Star Soldier R (Diehard Gamefan)

2599d ago - Diehard Gamefan: "DO not buy this game. Send a message to Hudson Soft and send it without th... | 3

WiiWare World: Exclusive Hudson Interview

2600d ago - WWW Writes: "Hudson is a company that needs little introduction. One of the first publishers... | 3

Star Soldier R Review (Gamespot)

2600d ago - Who needs variety? Even with just two levels, Star Soldier R provides hours of score-hunting good... | 3

Gamedaily reviews Star Soldier R

2601d ago - Robert Workman writes: ''The second week of WiiWare brings Hudson Soft's latest shoot-em-up, St... | 3

1UP reviews Star Soldier R

2602d ago - 1UP writes: "You should know one important thing about Star Soldier R -- something you're ev... | 3

Star Soldier R (WiiWare World)

2602d ago - The shoot 'em up genre has been lacking for many years now, so it's no real surprise that shooter... | 3

GamePlasma Reviews Star Soldier R

2602d ago - Peter Skerritt from GamePlasma writes: "Star Soldier R is a solid example of the vertical sh... | 3

Star Soldier R and Critter Round-Up hit the USA today

2603d ago - Two more games join the WiiWare library in the USA today. A cheeky puzzle game from Konami called... | 3

WiiWare Releases for May 19, 2008

2603d ago - After WiiWare launched last week with a healthy dose of new titles to kick the service off in sty... | 3

WiiWare and Virtual Console Monday Releases For Wii (5/19/08, US)

2603d ago - Nintendo has announced the WiiWare and Virtual Console game releases for today. Game publisher Ko... | 3

NGamer: Star Soldier R Review

2610d ago - It's a high score game, and players can either tackle two fully fledged levels (five minute attac... | 3

GameTap: Star Soldier R Preview - Star Soldier takes its shot at WiiWare

2620d ago - GameTap writes: "It's fascinating how certain games for some mysterious reasons mainline int... | 3

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide at CheatCC - Wii Downloadable Games

2629d ago - Can't Wait for WiiWare? CheatCC have got the inside scoop on many of the launch titles for the ne... | 3

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Star Soldier R Announced By Hudson For WiiWare

2636d ago - Details on the vertical scrolling 2-minute/5-minute shooter from Hudson, coming to Nintendo's Wii... | 3

Coverage Wrapup: Why WiiWare Needs Work - Wired

2657d ago - WiiWare is off to an okay start, but it's going to need some work if Nintendo wants to compete wi... | 3

Nintendo World Report preview of Star Soldier-R

2658d ago - Steven Rodriguez writes for NWR: "If you'd rather play a traditional shoot-'em-up, there a... | 3

IGN: Star Soldier R Hands-On

2658d ago - When IGN first heard that Star Soldier was going to be part of the Japanese WiiWare launch lineup... | 3

Nintendo World Report details Wii Ware service

2658d ago - Steven Rodriguez writes for NWR: "WiiWare is live in Japan, and with it comes a brand-new... | 3
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Star Soldier R

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