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User Review : SSX

  • Great Gameplay
  • Competitive Online
  • Looks Great
  • Cant Play Online With Friends
  • Cant create your own character

SSX Review

Its been over ten years since the last really good extreme sports game has graced our consoles with its gnarly presence and finally SSX has delivered a real quality entertaining snowboarding game.I remember as a young lad on my playstation playing the likes of Tony Hawks and Coolboarders for hours on end and on my Playstation 2 Shaun Paulmers and Tony Hawks 3 and finally now on my Ps3 after a long wait i have SSX to enjoy.I gaurantee you will become addicted to this game if you like extreme sports will be 1080 melon grabbing your way long into the early hours of the mornin with its great gameplay.

The story here is your SSX team are racing another boarder to complete the nine deadly descents across the world.The old SSX cast is back and your team is racing one guy Griff to complete these challenges.You will be racing him and other characters to prove yourself and recruit them to help your cause from the Rockies to the Alps to all the way down in Antartica!There isnt much in the way of a story but its told nicely through some impressive comic strips for each character and videos for each mountain range.

There are three different game modes in SSX,World Tour,Explore and Global Events.World Tour is where you will be taking on Griff to finish the nine deadly descents.Each deadly descent has its own challenge be it rocky terrain,darkness or avalanches!You will also get to race and trick your way across the mountains in each range to unlock the deadly descent for each range.Your character levels up for each medal you win unlocking you better gear and earning you money to buy them.Explore and Global Events are where you are going to spend most of your time tho and where the most fun is to be had!This is where the online features come into play.

In Explore you pick a mountain and you can either set a fastest time,high score or on the survival mountains a distance score of how far you can get before you get seriously hurt and cant continue.Then if you have friends on psn that also have SSX they can try beat your score to earn money to buy better equipment to set even better scores.This gets very competitive as your constantly trying to set the high score or fastest times on each mountain for bragging rights between friends.A new addition also are geo tags that you can hide on every mountain for other players to find and if there not found you earn money the longer it lasts which is a nice addition.

Global Events is a competitive online feature where everyone around the world of SSX compete against each other in tournaments.You can use yor SSX credits to pay entry to one of these tournaments and all the money goes into a prize pot for the winners at the end.Their is a set amount of time for a competition for example you might have an hour to set the fastest time on a mountain and at the end the fastest times get a share of the prize pot.

There are some bad points in this game.For example if none of your psn friends have the game Explore mode doesnt have much to offer only collecting the snowflakes scattered throughout the montain ranges.Not many of my psn friends had the game so i was forced into adding random people for to get their times and scores to beat on different mountains.But you always have Global events to beat scores on if you dont like adding random people.The game is also missing the option of creating your own character which is a little disappointing.

All in all tho this is a very solid enjoyable game and id highly recommend it.The mountains look great and it has an awesome soundtrack to boot.You'll find yourself spending hours trying to beat other peoples scores so you can be top dog on every mountain range and the story mode is a challenge too so it will keep you coming back for more.When you go into tricky mode as well from a trick combo the remix of Run DMCs Its tricky is a nice addition to the game too.

The graphics are great from the riders to the environments.
Its got a nice soundtrack and Run Dmcs remix of Its Tricky is a nice addition
The gameplay is quite entertaining and it feels great getting massive air and landing an awesome trick combo.
Fun Factor
Lots of fun to be had here.what could be more fun than snowboarding down a massive mountain at break neck speeds and pulling off fantastic tricks on the way!
Online might have been better if they added an option to create a party and snowboard with your friends but whats here still has a lot to offer.
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