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User Review : Spartacus Legends

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Spartacus Legends Review

I welcome you to the barbaric ancient world sport that is Spartacus Legends. Perhaps you’re thinking, “Wonderful, another 2D side-scroller fighting game, I’ll pass.” If you happen to feel that way, I encourage you to reserve all judgment until you’ve had the privilege of impaling your enemy with a virtual sword. Trust me, it’s rather satisfying.

Spartacus Legends is impressive albeit the game’s initial server problems; the way it plays, the way it looks, and how it sounds. In terms of aesthetics, the game is quite polished from the subtle details of the arena to the blood spatter dispersed after a clean slice. You’ve been warned; this game contains blood, and liberal amounts of it.

The sounds of Spartacus Legends provide a robust ambience that enhances the intensity and realism of each battle. The sound of a sword striking a shield radiates throughout the arena while sending a proverbial chill down my spine. Once that subsides, the progressive crowd chants will attempt to persuade you to execute your vulnerable opponent. No one wants to disappoint an anxious crowd, right? Give the people what they want! Exchanges like this are satisfying yet brutally savage at the same time. For obvious reasons, I’ve never experienced a real gladiatorial battle in the Roman Coliseum – but after playing as a surrogate warrior for multiple hours – perhaps now I have a better understanding.

One of the most appealing – and rather startling – aspects of Spartacus Legends is it won’t cost you anything but your time. Yes, you heard that correctly. Unlike most games with a free-to-play price tag, the game contains substance and abstains from regulating the player to micro transactions in order to enjoy it. The more you play and the more victories you achieve, the more your character will progress.

Furthermore, Spartacus Legends is devoid of a storyline and instead places emphasis on conquering congruent districts as means of establishing your character. As said character continues to level up, new weapons and armor are available for the player to utilize. However, keep in mind that equipping bulkier accessories such as heavy armor and warhammers dramatically reduce agility, speed, and movement but subsequently inflict higher amounts of damage. In comparison, opting for lighter equipment enhances movement and striking speed but significantly reduces damage. These mechanics help foster character balance which prevent any particular character setup from obliterating the rest. Parity, my friends.

In conclusion, there’s no reason for you not to download Spartacus Legends. After all, it’s a free-to-play title that exceeds all expectations and empowers you to feel like an extremely muscular gladiator (Maybe someday). Aside from the occasional server malfunctions and quirky character responsiveness, the game contains simplistic button mapping that actually makes bridging together combos a feasible possibility – even for an amateur player. (Talking to you, Mortal Kombat)
So give it a try and enjoy what the world of Spartacus Legends has to offer. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go do some pushups.

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Derekvinyard131618d ago

This game isn't that bad for a free game but its a lot of grinding for the best armor. I like your review because you appreciate that it's free unlike a lot of people, all this game asks for is your time not money and still I see critics ripping this game apart, ITS FREE PEOPLE! What are they expecting a F2P goty game?