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User Review : South Park: The Stick of Truth

  • true to show graphics
  • great exploration
  • overly simplistic gameplay
  • minor frame rate issues

The stick is mightier than the sword....I think

The long awaited South Park video game has been looked forward to by gamers, and fans of the show alike. The last South Park game was a foray into multiplayer a couple of years back. In the show’s history it is known for the kid’s crazy antics, outrageous adventures, and rounded off with some excellent writing that pokes fun at pop culture. Well in the Stick of Truth those things are brought together in a well thought out and fun game. Let’s begin!

Story: As with any good RPG (this one being the traditional turn based) you need a great story. South Park: The Stick of Truth centers around you the “new kid” in town, and the Stick of Truth. Taking place in the beautifully and show accurate city of South Park you have just moved to town and must make new friends at the demand of your parents. You soon find the local kids: Butters, Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and the rest of the crew pretending to be on a mystical quest. The stick is stolen by a rival group of kids also playing along. Cartman task you and Butters to set out and retrieve the stick. So your adventure begins. Plucked straight from one of the episodes The Stick of Truth expands on this premise in bigger, adventurous, and often-hilarious ways. True to the show, things escalate wildly and hilariously, leading to conspiracies involving the government, aliens, and Taco Bell.

Graphics: The graphics fit this game perfectly. The town of South Park is painstakingly re-created on screen for the first time. Almost everything from the show is on screen. The kids and town folk themselves are easily rendered and fit the look of the show down to the smallest details. The animation style is even copied here as when most inhabitants walk they bob along instead of extending their legs. Animation is no problem here as the frame rate can easily accommodate the style of animation used. The short end of it the graphics more than achieve the effect here.

Gameplay: Being an RPG things usually are simple when it comes to control and South Park: The Stick of Truth is no different. Things are tasked out to the buttons on the controller really well. The interface is easy to use. Combat with your foes is traditional turn based which gives you time to think and plan things out. Timed button presses help you attack and defend your foes. Aside from that you explore the town with ease while interacting with the town folk making friends along the way. Making friends unlike other RPGs nets you new abilities so this is crucial to advancement. You’ll also have to complete quest given to you from Cartman or various town folk. You get various attacks, spells, and even Summons that hilariously fit the shows premise. You’ll be having a lot of fun while laughing with no problem controlling things on screen.

Sound: The sounds in this game are picture perfect. All the voices from the show are easily included. From Cartman to Jesus himself things sound awesome in the way of voice acting. The sound effects are a little bland as you will hear smacks and yells, but over all they get the job done. The music from the show is also present. Every time you pause the game the traditional “back from commercial” jingle will play. At certain times of combat particularly a boss battle the music will amp up and give you a nice tune to battle to which is perfect. The sound department has been covered quite nicely in this title.

Replay: Aside from playing as a different class (mage, warrior, jew, and paladin) and exploring the town a little more there isn’t much in the way of a replay here. It hurts to say that because this game is so well crafted. It would have been great to have some other major side quest of different faction to play as. Well I guess the DLC (if any) will cover that. One or two play through should satisfy you unless you are a major fan of the show and just enjoy exploring the town.

Multiplayer: There is no multiplayer in South Park: The Stick of Truth. That’s just as well because it is a RPG. On the other hand they could have included some co-op play with a buddy once your party reached its optimum size. All said and done things are good the way they are.

Score (closing): South Park depending on how you look at it is an excellent game. If you look at it as a game based on its source material then this game is more than stellar. If you compare it to other RPGs you might be let down substantially. A combo of series fans, and RPG gamers will enjoy it the most. If you mildly play games and love the show you will also like the game. Warning to those looking for a hardcore RPG with in depth story and killer quest. The latter would be an un-fair standard to hold this game to. If you get this game you should pretty much know what you’re getting into. I give South Park: The Stick of Truth 8 out of 10. That’s it for me until next time if you can’t be good, be good at it. PEACE!

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