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Is Polygon really anti-Sony?

907d ago ... After seeing Phil Koller gave The Last of Us a 7.5, I knew a wave of anger was headed towards Polygon. Oh was it ever. Accusations of being on Microsoft's payroll and low balling Playstation exclusives flew left and right. So, I decided to investigate. I combed through every playstation exclusive game they reviewed. Each title is followed by 3 scores: The score Polygon gave the game, the...

Soul Sacrifice demo is the worst demo I've played in years

958d ago ... I'm a big fan of the Vita. I have Soul Sacrifice fully-paid on pre-order. I was so excited to play the game, I even converted a spare memory card into one that could be used to download the demo from the Japanese PSN store. I played the first three levels of that demo, loved it, and like many of you I was eager to download the English demo when it came out on the PSN store. And it's a really...
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Soul Sacrifice

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