Dev of the Day : Size Five Games
  Gun Monkeys: Killing for Cubes for Humanity

From Herobyclicking If you were ever familiar with Size FIve Games when they were Zombie Cow Studios, you would know that they make games, BAFTA...

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Sony Partners With South Korean University For “PlayStation Class”

2h ago - Sony Computer Entertainment Korea and Sangmyung University in Korea have signed a Memorandum of U... | Industry

6 educated guesses on what Sony will announce at Gamescom 2014

19h ago - PSGamer: Gamescom 2014 is looming and Sony are bringing the fire. They have announced a press eve... | PS3

Sony Confirms, ‘Uncharted Movie Will Be Terrible’ - Satire

1d 5h ago - "In a refreshing bit of honesty, Sony recently confirmed that not only have they set a date of Ju... | PS3

Sony Project Morpheus GDC Europe Session Introduces Techniques to Create Better VR Experiences

1d 17h ago - Sony will talk about how to best use “next-gen” game engines with its PlayStation 4 virtual reali... | PS4

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

PSP is officially dead. GameStop ending trades on system.

2d ago - As with every generation that changes, Our old friend the PlayStation Portable’s time has come to... | PSP

The Overseas Connection Podcast #279

2d ago - The Overseas Connection, the official G4TE (Gaming For The Elderly) Community weekly podcast disc... | PC

Is Sony Truly Paying Enough for its Class Action Lawsuit?

4d ago - Sony is settling a class action suit over their 2011 PSN outage. But is what they are offering f... | PS3

Don't forget about local multiplayer

4d ago - When someone says that they are going to play a multiplayer game, it is automatically assumed tha... | PC

What Now for PlayStation Now?

4d ago - Subscription or pay-for-usage plans may work, but Sony’s current model surely won’t. Full anal... | PS3

Welcome to Next-Gen, Same as the Last-Gen

4d ago - Most of the titles I’ve downloaded off PSN could easily be purchased and played on any semi-compe... | Xbox 360

Sony: We settled PSN hack suit to avoid trial costs, but 'continue to deny the allegations'

5d ago - Sony this month agreed to a $15 million preliminary settlement in a class-action lawsuit over the... | PS3

The 7 best gaming startup screens of all time

5d ago - VideoGamer: "Xbox One is changing its boot screen! This may not immediately be a source of celebr... | GameCube

Sony agrees to $15M settlement in 2011 data breach class action

5d ago - Sony today agreed to a $15 million preliminary settlement in a class action lawsuit over its 2011... | PS4

See how BioShock would look on PS One

6d ago - NeoGAF user recreates BioShock and other games as if they were released for Sony's first console. | PS2

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Just Became About Features

6d ago - Anyone backing Microsoft or Sony in the (absolutely ridiculous) ‘console war’ knows that the Xbox... | PS4

Why the Xbox One still has a chance

7d ago - Sony's PlayStation 4 has outsold the Xbox One, but Microsoft is making moves to gain ground and c... | PS4

PS4′s GPU (Pitcairn) Benchmarked Against the Xbox One (Bonaire) with and without eSRAM

9d ago - WCCF: Here is something you have probably never seen before. The PS4's GPU pit against the Xbox O... | PC

VR vs. PlayStation 4

9d ago - VRFocus - Over the course of the previous two entries in VRFocus’ ‘VR vs.’ series, we have looked... | PS4

Is Sony’s “Killzone Fart” pack taking DLC too far?

10d ago - PS4Daily: "Is asking players to fork up $2 to fart in multiplayer taking things too far?" | PS4

Microsoft and Sony need a recognizable face.

10d ago - If you ask any gamer, casual, hardcore, or otherwise, who the face of Nintendo is, they won’t hes... | Xbox 360

Contests For N4G Members

Now - Prizes for members like YOU! | Promoted post

Opinion – Sony and Microsoft Don’t Understand Themselves

11d ago - MP1st - If this year’s E3 was proof of anything, it’s that most of the major players in the gamin... | PC

Sony Giving PS4 Owners the Tools Needed to Launch Their Own Digital Talk Show

12d ago - When The Playroom launched alongside the PS4 last year, it was dismissed as a mere toy to show of... | PS4

PSN Down for Some, Sony Says it’s Offline Due to High Volume

12d ago - PSN Down for Some, Sony Says it’s Offline Due to High Volume | PSP

Early Access Belongs on PC, Not Consoles

12d ago - "Early Access" has become a buzz phrase this week in gaming. Steam already offers this program, a... | PC

Will This Be The Last Generation Dominated By The Games Console?

12d ago - IM PLAYIN asks if this is the last generation dominated by the games console, and if the new tech... | PC
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