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The Overseas Connection Podcast #312

30d ago - The Overseas Connection, the official G4TE (Gaming For The Elderly) Community weekly podcast disc... | PC

PS4: 10 Fan Demands Sony Are Totally Ignoring

30d ago - 2015 marks the third year the PS4 has been on shelves – crazy, right? – and yet in the time since... | PS4

Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

Console gaming is holding us back

30d ago - Monotone Critic writes: Now before you get all defensive and claim I’m some sort of PC elitist... | Industry

Weirdness: These The Last of Us Plushies Are Pretty Cute

30d ago - PushSquare:"Sony recently launched a gear page on its official website, where it's flogging vario... | Culture

Press Circle Podcast Episode 3: A Harry Potter MMO?

31d ago - The Press Circle boys fantasize about their dream games based on movie franchises, and some magic... | PS3

Heroes of Handheld 84: Indie Developer outrage at Playstation Mobile Closure & Wii U forgotten?

32d ago - In episode 84 of Heroes of Handheld, we discuss why Sony may have upset Indie developers worldwid... | Nintendo DS

Upgrading your PS4 Hard Drive - Gaming Thoughts

33d ago - Chalgyr's Game Room writes: Earlier today I talked a bit about the hard drive of choice I went... | PS4

Is There Any Hope For The PS Vita?

33d ago - Ryan from Awesome Games writes: 'Even though it’s been over ten years now, I can still vividly re... | PS Vita

Sony Should Stop Trolling With The Fans About The Last Guardian

33d ago - The Last Guardian has been trademarked by Sony once again which is honestly quite annoying after... | PS3

PlayStation Now Beta coming to the UK this Spring

34d ago - Sony are running a Beta for PlayStation Now in the UK Spring 2015. | PS3

Sony (SCEA) Files 'The Last Guardians' 3rd Trademark Application

34d ago - Sony Computer Entertainment America has filed its third trademark application for 'The Last Guard... | PS4

Sony Revises PS4+PS3 FY14 Sales Upwards To 17.5 Million Units

34d ago - Sony's latest financial report shows an increase in FY14 forecast for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation... | PS3

How Sony And The PS4 Have Built And Maintained Their Impressive Lead Over Microsoft And The Xbox One

34d ago - With over 20.2 million units sold, Sony has enjoyed great success with the PS 4. Despite solid sa... | Culture

PlayStation just brought in £3bn for Sony

34d ago - For the third quarter ending 31st December 2014, Sony's Game & Network Services division, of whic... | PS4

Interview: Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios

35d ago - Shuhei Yoshida talk openly about the key of the PlayStation 4 sucess, the massive presence of ind... | PS4

VGR Show - The Problem With Destiny

35d ago - This weeks show covers Destiny winning BAFTA's Game of The Year Award and a review of the game.... | PC

Why We Are Excited For Sony Corporation Conference At E3 2015

35d ago - "Despite Sony’s financial struggles, the PS4 has proved to be a highly profitable product for the... | PS3

Sony Unveils Controller Redesign: The DualShock X **SATIRE**

35d ago - *SATIRE* Video Games Made Me Do It: "As games become more advanced visually it would seem tha... | Culture

Could a Remasterization of The Uncharted Trilogy Replace Uncharted 4 This Year?

36d ago - In this article, we discuss the possibilities of an Uncharted HD Collection to replace Uncharted... | PS3

5 Reasons Why: The Newest Console Generation has Underwhelmed

37d ago - ThisGenGaming Writes: "PlayStation 4 has sold 20 million units world wide since its inception, ma... | PS4

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Is it Doom and Gloom for Sony?

38d ago - TK: PS Mobile ending. Is the PS4 strong enough to keep the Japanese juggernaut alive for the fore... | PS4

PSN Accounts [supposedly] hacked into and Sony's handling leaves something to be desired

39d ago - Yesterday, Reddit user kadjar made a post saying that his PlayStation Network account was hacked.... | PS3

Why Sony Can't Afford To Kill Off Nathan Drake

39d ago - Can Sony really afford to allow Naughty Dog to kill off Nathan Drake? Probably not, but why? | Culture

Bloodborne PS4 Gone Gold; Product Manager Tweets Pictures From BloodBorne 'Gone Gold Event' In Tokyo

39d ago - Last month Sony announced that they would be organizing a a special Bloodborne event in Tokyo on... | PS4

Heroes of Handheld 83: Sony admits PSN constantly attacked & Nvidia to Revolutionise Handheld Gaming

40d ago - In episode 82 of Heroes of Handheld we discuss the new Nivdia Console, New monster Hunter DLC and... | Nintendo DS