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The Playstation TV Could Be Sony’s Next Big Console

27d ago - MegaJon28 writes "Sony is working with a unique situation, they have the possibility to have two... | PS4

Feel the Beat in Jungle Rumble, Swinging Soon to PS Vita

27d ago - Popular rhythm game Jungle Rumble announced by Sony for Playstation Vita. | Culture

Is the PS Vita dead ?

28d ago - Glossy, shiny and capable of so many things to so many people. Where has the PS Vita gone wrong (... | PS Vita

Sony and The Last of Us dominates UK August charts

28d ago - The latest report from GfK Chart-Track shows Sony's action horror adventure drove sales for the m... | PC

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SCE Japan Studio live conference happening today

30d ago - Sony to introduce presumably new PS4 and PS Vita title(s). | PS4

Gamer Goodwill: Can PS4 Use the Same Tactics in 2015 That It Used in 2014?

31d ago - PSLS: "If you haven’t noticed, gamers adore Sony right now. As they well should. The company has... | PS3

6 Reasons to Buy a Playstation Vita

31d ago - The Sony PlayStation Vita is successor to the PSP, the portable console has been doing poorly sin... | Industry

Sony Hopes for Playstation Profit Boost

32d ago - The head of Sony Corp's PlayStation division hopes to raise its profit outlook for this year, in... | PS3

Heroes of Handheld Episode 62: Sony's TGS Vita leaks, Smash Bro Smashs & Telltale Vita releases

32d ago - Episode 62 of the podcast dedicated to everything PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS and Mobile Gaming. This w... | iPhone

Sony Giving All PS Developers Unity Pro for Free

33d ago - At TGS, Sony announced that licensed developers for Playstation will be getting the newest Unity... | Industry

Exploring GameStop Expo 2014: photos and impressions of the best expo you may have never heard of

37d ago - GameStop invaded Anaheim, CA and brought along Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and every major publish... | PS4

You Never Leave A Game Behind: Now Is The Time For PlayStation To Re-Enlist SOCOM

39d ago - It's going on 4 years since the SOCOM franchise was seemingly left for dead. A Short Pause member... | PS3

Destiny boosts PS4 sales; MS offers flimsy excuse for guarding sales numbers

40d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "While Sony is celebrating it's continuing good fortunes with the launch of... | PS4

Glacier White PS4 coming as standalone product "before Christmas"

41d ago - Sony has confirmed that the Glacier White PS4 will be launched as a standalone product "before Ch... | PS4

Sony Morpheus, and why I want to bet on it.

41d ago - Morpheus has made only brief appearances and I wouldn't be surprised Sony is scratching their hea... | PS4

PlayStation Turns 19

41d ago - 19 years ago today, Sony released their PlayStation console to American audiences. If you remembe... | Retro

OtakuGamers UK Review: Velocity 2X

41d ago - Before the indie revolution on Sony's Home consoles there was a period when they only lived on th... | PS4

Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 32: Happy Destiny Week! :D

41d ago - It's Destiny week! One of the most anticipated games of the year launches this week, and the crew... | Xbox 360

Sony, I’d Buy a Vita if it Had SD Card Support

42d ago - Cory from For the Love of Gaming writes: "I totally want a Playstation Vita. Combine the Vita... | PS4

G-Star 2014 lineup taking shape as Sony, Unity join local exhibitors

43d ago - The floor plan of Korea’s largest game show is taking shape, with Sony joining local online game... | PS4

Natural Doctrine (PS4) Review

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Successes, triumphs, and surprises: The gaming industry’s biggest risks that paid off

45d ago - These are the biggest risks in gaming that paid off handsomely for those involved. | PC

Can’t buy Playstation exclusives in India? Sony tells us why

45d ago - Games in Asia: "Microsoft isn’t the only one having problems with its first-party line-up of game... | PS3

Microsoft’s Destiny fragrance ad might be funny, but it reeks of desperation

45d ago - Microsoft’s stinky subterfuge has claimed plaudits, but it’s Sony that’s smelling of roses. | PS4

Sony Xperia Z3: The New PS4

45d ago - The idea was to take the gamer out of the living room and not restrict him/her to the TV screen.... | PS4

Heroes of Handheld 60: Is this the end of the 3DS? & Sonys Theme and Stream Machine

46d ago - Episode 60 of the podcast dedicated to everything handheld gaming. This week Colin and Chris disc... | PS Vita