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Ben Archer, VP of Bishop Games, discusses the start of their studio, the story of Light Fall, inspirations, and their plans for release. coolbea... (20)
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Lets Get Physical : The Case For Physical Discs In A Digital World

3d ago - With The Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Featuring Extensive Support For Digital Content Delivery, Are... | PS4

Microsoft Xbox One Vs. Sony PS4: Rivalry Reminder Of 90s Console War

3d ago - How PS4 and Xbox One rivalry is déjà vu of Sega Genesis and Super NES tussle 25 years ago | PS4

Go Mechanical

Now - WASD mechanical keyboards provide a superior typing experience over common rubber dome keyboards. | Promoted post

What does Sony's 'great benefit to all the gamers' bring to BLOPS3?

4d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "According to a Gamespot interview with Adam Boyes, PlayStation VP of Publ... | Culture

Sony’s PlayStation Network Needs To Be Revamped And Offer Better Value To Win Over This Generation

6d ago - Sony's PlayStation Network is the last obstacle for it to overcome as it attempts to capture mark... | Xbox 360

The Ultimate – The Last Guardian

7d ago - With Sony finally re-revealing The Last Guardian at this year’s E3, we wanted to weigh in on just... | PS4

Will The PlayStation 5 Essentially Be A Streaming Box Or A Hardware Behemoth?

9d ago - The PlayStation 5 is years away, but does that mean Sony hasn't started working on it? Will it sh... | PS4

Some People Started Singing: Takeaways from E3 2015

10d ago - We don’t have to keep singing the same songs forever just because. Or because we rarely sing othe... | PS4

Kickstarting E3: Not the Time

10d ago - Sony couldn't have picked a more inappropriate time to ask for money to fund Shenmue 3. | PS4

Microsoft is Primed to Trump Sony Come Holiday Season Despite E3 2015 Success

11d ago - Michael Briers of PlayStation LifeStyle takes a step back from the E3 2015 excitement and asks ho... | PS4

The Activision Partnership Could Prove to be More Lucrative for PlayStation than Just Call of Duty

11d ago - JM: With the announcement of timed exclusive map packs arriving on PlayStation platforms first st... | PS4

Sony's PS4 may have won E3, but Microsoft's Xbox One is going to win 2015

11d ago - Microsoft started things off on Monday, June 15 with some major announcements and a slew of relea... | PS4

PlayStation: From A to Z – The Letter “M”

11d ago - Ken McKown writes: The From A to Z series lets our editors go back and take a look at games from... | PS2

Promising Games You May have Missed During E3

11d ago - It’s funny. Ostensibly this post is meant for those of you who follow the gaming world already an... | PS4

How Sony Once Again Dominated The Console War At E3 2015

11d ago - Sony had another solid and impressive showing at E3 2015. In a new opinion piece, Skewed and Revi... | PS4

E3 2015 Grades for the Big 3 of Gaming

11d ago - EB: The gaming world has recovered from another explosive E3, and is now trying to figure out whi... | Xbox 360

Rocksteady Should Remaster Previous Batman Arkham Games For Sony PS4 And Microsoft Xbox One

12d ago - Batman: Arkham Knight is releasing on June 23, but players would be more than excited to revisit... | PS4

Is Playstation Now A Suitable Contender To Xbox One's Backwards Compatibility?

12d ago - Is Sony's Playstation Now a suitable contender to Microsoft Xbox One's Backwards Compatibility ba... | PS3

How Microsoft Had A Great Showing At E3 2015 And Still Lost To Sony

12d ago - Microsoft had a very solid showing at E3, one that had people talking and excited. That is until... | Xbox One

The majority of games at E3 were announced for PC. Has PC gaming won this generation?

12d ago - With the conclusion of E3, it turns out that the majority of games from Sony and Microsoft announ... | PC

E3: Are No Man's Sky and Dreams Games or Concepts?

12d ago - Power Up Gaming's Scott Russell picks apart the question marks left behind by Sony's E3 2015 pres... | PS4

Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post

Uncharted 4 Trumped The Rise Of The Tomb Raider This E3

13d ago - Sony's First Party Exclusive, Uncharted 4 wins on multiple counts against Microsoft's timed exclu... | PS4

Sony’s Top 5 Moments From E3 2015

13d ago - EB: Sony definitely wowed fans at its E3 press conference, which quite frankly is always one of m... | PS3

The Truth About PlayStation Exclusives in 2015

13d ago - Does the PlayStation 4 have no 2015 lineup? Josh Miller of disagrees and argues his poi... | PS4

Denkiphile Roundtable: The Winners of E3

13d ago - Davis from Denkiphile: "Another E3 has come and gone and, as usual, certain groups are left victo... | PC

Sony Hid Behind A Curtain Of Hype At E3 2015

13d ago - AG from EGMR writes: "Sony put on a fantastic show at E3 2015, of that there is little doubt. The... | Culture
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