Dev of the Day : Daniel Benmergui
  At a Glance: Daniel Benmergui

Daniel Benmergui is an independent videogame maker born on 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is currently developing Storyteller, a storytelling...

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The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Just Became About Features

3h ago - Anyone backing Microsoft or Sony in the (absolutely ridiculous) ‘console war’ knows that the Xbox... | PS4

Why the Xbox One still has a chance

1d 15h ago - Sony's PlayStation 4 has outsold the Xbox One, but Microsoft is making moves to gain ground and c... | PS4

VR vs. PlayStation 4

3d ago - VRFocus - Over the course of the previous two entries in VRFocus’ ‘VR vs.’ series, we have looked... | PS4

Is Sony’s “Killzone Fart” pack taking DLC too far?

3d ago - PS4Daily: "Is asking players to fork up $2 to fart in multiplayer taking things too far?" | PS4

Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Microsoft and Sony need a recognizable face.

4d ago - If you ask any gamer, casual, hardcore, or otherwise, who the face of Nintendo is, they won’t hes... | Xbox 360

Opinion – Sony and Microsoft Don’t Understand Themselves

5d ago - MP1st - If this year’s E3 was proof of anything, it’s that most of the major players in the gamin... | PC

Early Access Belongs on PC, Not Consoles

6d ago - "Early Access" has become a buzz phrase this week in gaming. Steam already offers this program, a... | PC

Will This Be The Last Generation Dominated By The Games Console?

6d ago - IM PLAYIN asks if this is the last generation dominated by the games console, and if the new tech... | PC

How Sony Has Looked Long Term To Make The Playstation 4 The Console of Choice

6d ago - Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece stating how Sony has used the long term approach... | PS4

Here's why the PS4's success could lead to more HD collections

7d ago - Sony has sold over 7 million PS4s so far. That's impressive. But it's shortsighted to pin all tho... | PS3

Sony and Bungie Want You to be Ready for the Destiny Beta

7d ago - GamerHeadlines: Hype for the Destiny beta is reaching fever pitch ahead of its Thursday debut on... | PS3

Early Access games on the consoles could either destroy or improve the industry

7d ago - With the recent conversations of both Sony & Microsoft about the ideaof bringing up a type of Ear... | PS4

The Console War Is Over: The PC Already Won

8d ago - And although the Microsoft MSFT +0.14% Xbox One and Sony PS4 are huge updates over the previous c... | PC

Resolution Differences Between the Xbox One and Playstation 4

8d ago - With every generation of gaming consoles comes a new argument between them over which is the bett... | PS4

Planetside 2 PS4 Release Coming Soon, Warfare on a Larger Scale

9d ago - An article that discusses the upcoming release of Sony Online Entertainment's FPS, Planetside 2. | PS4

Playstation Now : Between promises and overpriced games

10d ago - I was one of the few lucky gamers who got the beta access code for Sony's new service PlayStation... | PS4

The PlayStation Empire: A Blast From the Past

10d ago - The eighth generation, despite its young age, has indeed been quite an exciting one from since it... | PS2

The Framerate Debate

10d ago - Thirty frames per second; that is the the framerate per second (FPS) that console gamers are accu... | PC

Playing Online With Own Age Group: Should Microsoft and Sony Allow This?

11d ago - The Web Graffiti: "One of the most important aspects of playing video games, is the ability to ju... | Xbox 360

Microsoft and Sony Need to Define 'Exclusive'

11d ago - In the age of exclusive games, DLC, base-game content, and pre-order rewards, both Microsoft and... | PC

Follow N4G on Twitter

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Jem Alexander: Why Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the console for you

12d ago - Which? Convo: Which current generation video game console should win your hard-earned cash? Here’... | PS4

For Xbox One and PS4 to Thrive, Developers Need to let Last gen go

12d ago - Before releasing the Xbox One and PS4, Microsoft and Sony both announced plans to continue suppor... | Xbox 360

Upcoming 'Destiny' PlayStation 4 Bundle Could Hit Microsoft Hard in Canada

12d ago - CanadianGamer writes : Sony and Bungie E3 announcement of an upcoming PlayStation 4 console and g... | PS4

The Problems With Early Adoption And a Lack of Triple-A Imagination

13d ago - Both of Sony’s first-party releases show what the hardware is capable of at a purely visual level... | PS4

The Next-Gen Slump and AAA Titles

14d ago - The PS4 and the Xbox One were released last year in November with the Wii U coming out in the U.S... | PS4
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