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PS Vita could be the first post-retail system

1d 22h ago - With a bit of vision correction, Sony's handheld is well positioned for a long and potentially lu... | PS Vita

Should Sony Develop A New ‘Resistance’ Game For PS4?

1d 23h ago - Any gamer who picked up the PS3 during its first months of release likely played Resistance: Fall... | Industry

Virtual Reality Flooding the Market

2d ago - With so many VR devices in development, there seems to be more supply than demand at the moment.... | Tech

Microsoft just lost my Xbox Music subscription to the partnership of Sony and Spotify

2d ago - Steve Wright writes, "Xbox Music is pretty slick looking on Xbox One. When friends come over, I d... | Culture

Check out the new Bloodborne Trailer

Now - Sony just released a new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive by From Software and SCE Japan Studio. | Promoted post

Will Sony respond to the permanent Xbox One price cut?

2d ago - Thanks to an extended price cut, the Xbox One is gaining in on the PS4. Is it time for Sony to re... | PS4

Metacritic's 5th Annual Game Publisher Rankings

3d ago - Metacritic: "Which game publishers released the best games over the past year? In what has becom... | PC

Invading My Personal Space

8d ago - Matt from Codec Moments writes: Space, The Final Frontier. One that we are still yet to conquer... | PS4

PlayStation 4 in China: Why Sony is willing to put up with piracy and communist red tape

8d ago - Sony’s launch of the PlayStation 4 in China has the potential to be huge. | PS4

The 12 best PlayStation alternatives on iOS

9d ago - Sony's PlayStation has a fair few decent exclusive franchises of its own too, so again AppSpy hav... | iPhone

Beyond DDR4: The differences between Wide I/O, HBM, and Hybrid Memory Cube

10d ago - There are major changes coming in the memory interface world, and recent interest in AMD and Nvid... | PC

Let’s-A-Go!! Nintendo Says Goodbye to Brazil: A Free Market Analysis

10d ago - Derik Moore of Gaming Rebellion writes: "Brazil’s video game market is odd, to say the very least... | Culture

Microsoft Could Compete With PS Now By Bringing A Similar Cloud-Powered Service

10d ago - Microsoft could be preparing some competition for Sony's PS Now. They've got all the tools set up... | PS3

Is It Now Time for Sony to Consider a $349.99 PS4 Price Promotion?

14d ago - PushSquare writes:"Stop us if you've heard this one before. Yes, we're back with another familiar... | PS4

Top 5 Best Gaming Phones of 2015

15d ago - This article highlights some of the best phones available in 2015 that you can play games on. | iPhone

Is a PS4 Slim incoming? Not any time soon

15d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "The entire premise of a PlayStation 4 Slim ‘coming soon’ is built on assum... | PS4

Nintendo’s cross-buy could be better than Sony’s

15d ago - Technology Tell writes, "With Sony cross-buy promotions, players tend to automatically get a digi... | PS3

Why Sony’s PS4 2.0 update is every gamer’s dream

16d ago - The PlayStation 4’s new Share Play feature is a game changer, literally | PS4

Project Morpheus in 2015: Are These Titles Coming to the HMD?

16d ago - VRFocus-Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) is taking a cautious approach to the Project Morpheus v... | PS4

The PS4’s launch delay in China is a boon for the Xbox One

17d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "With the Xbox having a monopoly on console gaming [in China] it could spel... | Industry

Most Anticipated PS4 Video Games in 2015

17d ago - 2015 is now officially in full-swing and with the excitement of the New Year comes the excitement... | PS4

N4G Radio

Now - N4G Radio | Promoted post

2014: The Year in Review

19d ago - Zero1Gaming contributor Sebastian Young examines the current state of play for the video gaming i... | Industry

Japanese Gaming Industry: 2014 vs.1990

23d ago - TK: Comparison of gaming industry in Japan in 1990 and today. Which console was setting the trend... | PS4

PS Vita: An Affair to Remember

23d ago - Has the PS4 eaten away at the PlayStation Vita's last remaining selling point? Daniel New decides... | PS4

Is PlayStation Now a revolution in gaming?

25d ago - MWEB GameZone asks "Who is Sony targeting with the PlayStation Now? They obviously have confidenc... | PS3

MVGN'S Big Gaming Predictions For 2015

25d ago - MVGN writes "It’s that time again my friends. Time where we peak into our gaming crystal ball and... | PS4
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