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Not. A. Game.

187d ago - Some gaming humor from the friendly folks over at Ourcade Games. | Culture

Let's Really Play - Sonic '06

190d ago - It is one thing to call a game bad based on reviews or word of mouth, it’s quite another to play... | Xbox 360

Countdown: Top 13 Scariest Game Moments

194d ago - T1 - We’ve all experienced them. The instances when we jumped back from the screen. The moments i... | PS2

GotGame | Gaming with Killatia Sonic the Hedgehog

194d ago - Today on Gaming with Killatia we take a look at the clasic 1991 Sega Genesis game Sonic the Hedge... | Retro

Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Retro Sales Roundup

242d ago - Triverse writes, "Since there are a lot of games going on sale for a limited time we figured it w... | PSP

10 Most Memorable Uses Of Music In Video Games

250d ago - "Music has always been important in video games. Right from the off, when the gameplay was nothin... | Culture

Top 10 Irrational Video Game Deaths

255d ago - "Have you ever witnessed something so unbelievable, you yelled “Oh, come on” at your screen in a... | GameCube

3GEM Retro Review: Sonic The Hedgehog

272d ago - Alex St-Amour from 3GEM writes: '...onic the Hedgehog may not be as good as its sequels, but if y... | Retro

Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear #45: Canned Duck Hunt Dog, Dr. Robotnik Poster, Isometric Mario Art

283d ago - Video Game Crafts 'N Gear is a weekly feature wherein the spotlight is shined on the best custom-... | Culture

2006-2009: The Dark Age of the Sonic Series and How it Ended

304d ago - The blue blur went through some tough times, and a dark air has lingered around the franchise – w... | Culture

Sonic vs Mario: Which Franchise Is Best?

306d ago - Sonic and Mario have long been rivals in the platforming world, ever since the blue critter’s fir... | GameCube

A Heartfelt Hate Letter to Sonic the Hedgehog

311d ago - "Dear Sonic: I have finally reached the point where I never want to see you again. You drove me t... | Culture

World 1-2: Encore now available for your attentive ears

319d ago - "If you’ve pre-ordered Koopa Soundworks’ “World 1-2: Encore,” you may want to go back to the grou... | Culture

Sonic the Hedgehog: Past, Present and Future

320d ago - In recent years Sonic's appeal has waned or, perhaps, curved downwards, towards an ever-younger a... | Culture

Sonic The Hedgehog’s 5 Best Games

321d ago - JumpToGamer: As I’ve previously emitted I am a massive Sonic The Hedgehog fan, such a big fan... | Arcade

Why Rayman Legends is a better Sonic and Mario game than Sonic and Mario

322d ago - Accepted gaming wisdom has always placed Mario and Sonic as the kings of platforming. Accepted ga... | PC

Retro Joystick Podcast Episode 7 – The SEGA Master System

326d ago - Paul from Retro Joystick writes "This week on the Retro Joystick Podcast the team returns to brin... | Retro

A track-by-track review of World 1-2: Encore

332d ago - "In case videogame music remix project “World 1-2” left you wanting more, Koopa Soundworks has is... | Culture

Retro Review: Sonic the Hedgehog | Fate of the Game

350d ago - The way Sonic waves his finger shows that he’s kind of a douchebag. | Wii

5 Games That Failed Miserably Despite Themselves

352d ago - Warp Zoned writes: "Over the long course of gaming history, there have been a lot of bad games... | PC

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A Look Back at the Horror that was Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

356d ago - GotGame: When a game is bad, it’s generally because they screwed up 1 or 2 key aspects that would... | Xbox 360

Bad Levels in Gaming History - Volume Two

357d ago - SuperPhillip Central writes, "We've mentioned a lot of levels that we deem the greatest in video... | GameCube

Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear #37: In-Game Duke Nukem Art, Super Modern Mario Bros., First-Person Sonic

359d ago - Video Game Crafts 'N Gear, a weekly feature wherein the spotlight is shined on the best custom-ma... | Culture

Sonic The Hedgehog: What Made The Original Great?

363d ago - NowGamer: "It's been 22 years since Sonic The Hedgehog was released - what was it that made Sega'... | Retro

Sonic the Hedgehog In First Person Mode

366d ago - Kotaku writes: "We've seen first-person representations of Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 before. If... | PC

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