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The Most Ported Games of All Time

8d ago - Games can sometimes be like gremlins, expect feeding them after midnight isn’t the only way they... | Culture

4 Crazy Interpretations of Classic Video Games You Never Thought of Before

10d ago - If you think you've got a firm grasp on what classic games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Pac-Man we... | Retro

Top 5 Games To Play in September

Now - August was a great month with many good games. Let's see if this month's game releases can deliver the same amount of excitement... | Promoted post

Seven Game Series Begging For The Super Mario Maker Treatment

28d ago - GI Super Mario Maker captured the imaginations of Nintendo fans at this year's E3. The Nintend... | Culture

10 Video Game Mentors Who Were Actually Complete Morons

30d ago - WC Here’s the thing, everyone loves a good old fashioned student-becomes-the-master story. It... | Culture

Games you’ve never finished

49d ago - MyGaming: "With the amount of games that release every month, inundating us and keeping us from e... | PC

Top 5 Rivalries in Video Games

66d ago - Kdin and Michael take a break from their intense hatred of one another to look at the most bitter... | Culture

Sonic the Hedgehog Needs a Reboot

68d ago - Few series are as ripe for a reboot as a Sonic is. | PS4

Top 10 Sonic The Hedgehog Games

70d ago - BagoGames Being a Sonic fan for a majority of my life, I’ve played nearly every Sonic game tha... | Culture

Changing a Game Series Over Time

71d ago - James Pungello of takes a look why game series need to change over time and how some do... | Culture

7 Games the internet forced on you with annoying memes

82d ago - It's dangerous to go alone. Read this. Mike Clark at G4@Syfygames runs down some of the most over... | Culture

Why I Hate Sonic The Hedgehog

83d ago - Will Beach: "It’s not so much the games I hate, really. It’s the undeserved praise. With the rece... | Culture

The Strange Duality of Sonic: The Hedgehog

93d ago - With Sega no longer going to E3 and Sonic Boom failing, Sonic the Hedgehog could very well go dow... | Culture

How Sonic the Hedgehog Helped Me Beat Cancer

118d ago - Vice: One big problem remained. A doctor stood to the left of my hospital bed, blinking. Behind... | Retro

Five Facts - Fact Check #5

120d ago - Jack and Geoff play a little true/false game in Five Facts: Fact Check #5! | Culture

Throwback Thursday: Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

125d ago - It’s standard to start off a review of any older Sonic game by talking about the blue blur’s unfo... | Culture

6 Characters that had Unexpected Reactions

167d ago - Sometimes, you just can’t predict how people are going to react to something. Game developers cr... | Culture

Is There Any Place for Cutesy Mascots in Modern Games?

180d ago - GamesRadar - For those who haven't yet heard, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Sonic isn'... | Culture

Will There Ever Be Another Good Sonic Game? - WTN

191d ago - Sonic the Hedgehog has had a less-than-stellar lineup of games in recent years, but is it just a... | PC

What Sega should learn from Sonic’s worst games

199d ago - Sega needs to learn from the mistakes it already made with the Sonic series. | Xbox 360

Sonic and Nintendo: From Nemesis to New Acquisition?

205d ago - With SEGA's days looking more numbered, Rahming from Nintendo Enthusiast has conjured up an artic... | Wii U


Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post

The Bestiarium: Mad Scientists

206d ago - David Garnica of Gaming Rebellion writes: "Mad scientists use their incredible intellect to creat... | Culture

Sonic The Hedgehog Ran, And He Ran So Far Away

210d ago - Sonic games are a series of hit & miss titles that try too hard to be different, straying too far... | PC

Top 10 Video Game Franchises That Have Lost Their Mojo

212d ago - Sometimes you have to ask: “What happened to our favorite game franchises?” | PC

Top 7… Franchises That Should Seriously Take a Breather

212d ago - GamesRadar - We all need a vacation sometimes. Whether you go off on a big adventure, visit famil... | Culture

Five OC Remix Hits – The Best Gaming Remixes You’ll Ever Hear

218d ago - Here are five game music remixes that you'll love to listen to made by the creative community of... | Culture
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