Bout to beat Socom 3:U.S. Navy Seals
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User Review : SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs

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SOCOM 3:U.S. Navy SEALs Review

Since I am on the last mission of SOCOM:U.S. Navy SEALs I have decided to review the game. Overall the game is an exciting first person/third person shooter that is a great buy! It is one of my personal favorite games and I am excited to buy the forth installment of the series when I get the money. I highly reccomend you buy this game!

The great thing about this game is it's not another Call of Duty shooter clone like other games. This game in my opinion really is underated. Only me and a couple others i know even know the game exists! It is full of wonderfully amazing maps like a city under water and an abandoned Mine were two of my favorite maps. The missions were challenging and fun.Many of the downsides of this game are not that bad because the upsides make up for it.

I am currently planning on buying more SOCOM games and hope you do too because they are amazing! The ability to pick you and your team's weapons is a choice lots of shooters are now not letting you do. And it is more realistic than Call of Duty because you have a health bar and can't just heal after 3 seconds of 50 bullets in your character! The role of Navy SEALs saving countries from terrorists is an inspiring thing. There are 3 areas to complete in the game...

The first area of the game. It is a great area filled with a terrorist that is a horrible tyrant. It may seem hard but it is easy compared to other places. If I remember right it has around 6 missions. They are actually easy compared to the other levels. My least favorite mission was the one where the soldiers helped you hold off the terrorists while tanks also come.I found myself having to do the mission constantly.

Second area of the game. A beautiful area with rivers,blue water dolphins,and terrorists! It has only 3 missions but they are pretty hard! This level had an underground area that was very awesome. Sometimes I found it hard to navigate it in the final mission.

Last area in the game. It has about 8 missions. It has a terrorist that is making a gas that causes deadly siezures. The maps include a salt mine and an under water city. Poland was a great map with some great areas. I thought sometimes it was confusing on killing all of the terrorists though.



The graphics in dark areas could get annoying like in the Mine on the first to last mission. The graphics of characters,vehicles,and other things gave it a military movie feel that you'll enjoy.
The sounds were realistic and also gave it a action movie feel. Characters sounded good as well. The guns were great when it came to sound!
The gameplay was pretty good but the vehicle control has you constantly crashing and really made me mad. But gunplay and other gameplay like stealth made up for the poor car control.
Fun Factor
The whole game was fun in that serious killing terrorist kinda way! Shooting your enemies in the head was fun! Great game!
You need a PSP and a entirely different game to even play multiplayer...Now that sucks...
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BattleAxe1917d ago


I was so pleasantly surprised to see that someone decided to review Socom 3 so long after release. Glad to see that people still appreciate the classics! Did you try playing the game online? Are the servers still up? Just a word of advice, stay away from Socom 4, it bears nothing in resemblance to the Socom games on the PS2, but if you're not playing the online modes then its probably not that big of a deal. Socom: Confrontation for PS3 isn't bad though.

TooTall191917d ago

I didn't mind Confrontation. At least I got a headset from it. I only played the S4 beta, but that was trash. I remember S3 being my least favorite Socom on the PS2 because of the vehicles.