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'Smite' Xbox One Beta Impressions: Thoughts On A Great Start To MOBAs On Consoles

2d ago - GameNGuide had a chance to put hours into the Smite beta on Xbox One, a flagship enterprise for M... | Xbox One

MOBA Monday: Top Paying MOBAs

9d ago - Get a list of the top paying MOBAs for competitive eSports players. Which has the most tournament... | PC

Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS4) Review

Now - Drew reviews the 64th iteration of Street Fighter IV. | Promoted post

MOBA Fever Claims Yet Another Victim

25d ago - Oh great, it’s another one of those articles about a new MOBA player that’s shamelessly falling i... | PC

A Look Back at the First Year of SMITE

53d ago - It's been a heady year for the Georgia-based Hi-Rez Studios as their SMITE mmo has captured a sig... | PC

2v2 Moba Games You Didn't Know About

62d ago - GamerTitan made a great list of MOBAs that feature 2v2 game play. | PC

PAX East: Smite Expands To The Xbox One

73d ago - The alpha for Smite on the Xbox One began this week. MMOGames writer Tramell Hawkins was able to... | PC

PAX East 2015: Den of Geek's Favorite Games

79d ago - Here are all the best games at PAX East 2015, including Noct, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Du... | PC

MOBA Monday: Is There Room for New MOBAs?

80d ago - In the last couple of months, we've seen a handful of MOBA games that have closed down. The quest... | PC

Why Smite’s supports feel the squeeze in Season 2

92d ago - It’s hard being a support, but thankless toil is the least of your worries since season two’s patch. | PC

MOBA Monday: SMITE Season Two

101d ago - New season; new game. SMITE has gotten a major face lift for Season Two. Everything is streamline... | PC

Should the Local MOBA Scene Diversify?

118d ago - The MOBA scene is a vast one, with quite a few decent alternatives if the most popular games are... | PC

MOBA Monday: Why You Should Watch eSports in Person

129d ago - "In the audience, we are there with them. We are fighting with them When we applaud, we validate... | Culture

To Punish Bad Behavior or Reward Good Behavior? That Is the Question

129d ago - Should game design incorporate punishment of bad player behaviours or reward good player behaviou... | PC

The History of Smite: Focus and [Rez]olution

131d ago - MMOGames visits Hi-Rez Studios, the people behind the MOBA game, Smite, and unearths some interes... | PC

The Sole Reason Smite is Better than League of Legends

133d ago - Comparing two MOBA's is like putting a running toaster in a bath tub full of water. You know the... | PC

Is gaming a sport?

133d ago - Rise of the Cyber Athlete presenter OJ Borg explains why the BBC is taking eSports seriously. | PC

Smite Guide: How to Build Chang’e

133d ago - James of Twinfinite writes "Chang’e is a strange character, even among the weird and wonderful go... | PC

5 Reasons Every MOBA Fan Should Play Smite

134d ago - 8CN: The switch from an overhead camera to third-person isn’t the only change Hi-Rez brings to th... | PC

SMITE World Championship Round Up

134d ago - Excerpt: "Even on day one the Cobb Energy Centre was packed to the brim. Almost all of the seats... | PC

SMITE World Championships Day Three

135d ago - Todd Harris, Co-founder and COO of Hi Rez studios, said: “One game. $1.3 million. This has got to... | PC

Project Cars (XB1) Review

Now - Ken checks out this generically-named racer. | Promoted post

Smite Guide: How to Play as a Guardian

136d ago - James of Twinfinite writes "So you’ve downloaded Smite and the prospect of entering grand arenas... | PC

Smite Guide: How to Get Started with Smite

136d ago - James of Twinfinite writes "Smite is an online action game in which players battle alongside thei... | PC

How 'SMITE' Could Be A Sleeper Hit On Xbox One

136d ago - Sometime in the first half of the year, SMITE will be headed to Microsoft’s Xbox One. At this wee... | Xbox One

SMITE on Xbox One

136d ago - SMITE for Xbox is incredibly fun and fluid—a true port. During the Smite World Championship I had... | Xbox One

Smite World Championship Day Two

137d ago - As the competition in the 2015 SMITE World Championship trudges onward, the champion prizes and c... | PC
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