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Faceless Gets A Huge Update

1008d ago - Just in time for New Years! Blacklight Studios (Ethereal Entertainment) have released a new updat... | PC

Faceless Devs Clear The Air

1055d ago - Some issues have arisen in some article that have been put up by Kotaku, and Joystiq regarding Fa... | PC

This October's Releases For All Things PlayStation

Now - The spooky month of October is almost upon us and that means another calendar month of releases to feed our gamer appetites. We take a look at what... | Promoted post

Faceless Halloween Trailer | A Slender Halloween

1070d ago - Faceless (Slender: Source) developers release a video of Faceless for Halloween. It shows their S... | PC

Faceless (Slender: Source) Hyde Station Walkthrough

1070d ago - Justin Ross, the Project Lead for Faceless shows off the "Hyde Station" map which is a subway to... | PC

Faceless (Slender: Source) Official Teaser Trailer

1071d ago - The development team 'Ethereal Entertainment' have finally released their official trailer for Fa... | PC

Is Survivors the next Slender?

1094d ago - Survivors is a free Russian-developed title that takes elements of the Slender formula and alters... | PC

Faceless (Slender: Source) Release New Trailer

1107d ago - The development team "Ethereal Entertainment" behind the highly anticipated Faceless, reveal a ne... | PC

Someone Decoded the Faceless (Slender: Source) ARG Videos

1110d ago - Justin Ross (Project Lead of Faceless - Slender: Source) revealed a video today by a YouTube user... | PC

Faceless (Slender: Source) Lead reveals side-project "Stranded!"

1111d ago - Justin Ross the Project Lead/Founder of Faceless (previously Slender: Source) has revealed he's w... | PC

Slender: Source Rename Mod Again

1116d ago - Earlier today the devs behind Slender: Source announced their mod was being changed to "The Opera... | PC

Slender: Source being renamed to "The Operator"

1117d ago - Justin Ross, Project Lead of Slender: Source explains that the highly anticipated mod will be und... | PC

Our First Look At The Slenderman In Slender: Source

1121d ago - Ever since we learned that there's a multiplayer, source-engine take on the Slenderman game in th... | PC

The Legend: Meet "evolution" of the murky game "Slender"

1123d ago - The indie horror game you've been doing a lot of success around the world. Now you'll know The Le... | PC

Amnesia and Slender: Why We Love to be Scared

1128d ago - GR: "An introspective look at pissing your pants." | PC

Slender: Source – Because it’s more fun in groups

1129d ago - Slender was a single-player Horror (or Horror-Survival) game where you had to go around a dark an... | PC

Steam Greenlight Goes Live: 8 Games to Watch (and Possibly Vote) For

1131d ago - Nan Rymer at RantGaming writes: "Steam Greenlight, Steam’s newest platform feature that allows... | PC

Meet The Victims: The Characters of Slender: Source

1136d ago - Another news update from the Project Lead of Slender: Source, Justin Ross. He reveals details abo... | PC

Slender: Source Reveals Their Slenderman

1138d ago - The devs of Ethereal Entertainment show off their new Slenderman model, and how they'll be tackli... | PC

Slender: Source Teaser Trailer Released

1144d ago - Gamer Euphoria writes: ''The teaser trailer for Slender: Source has lurched its way onto the i... | PC

A Scammer Trying to scam Slender: Source fans

1154d ago - Justin Ross, Project Lead behind Slender: Source reveals in a statemant that a man from the UK us... | PC

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Slender: Source News Update - August 6th 2012

1157d ago - Yet another weekly update for Slender: Source. This week's is a big one. Maps, ARG's and a ton of... | PC

Slender: Source Closed Beta Announced!

1158d ago - Project Lead of Slender: Source, Justin Ross reveals in a blog post that Slender: Source will get... | PC

Slender: Source News Update - July 29th 2012

1164d ago - Project Lead of Slender: Source (Justin Ross) attends to explaining some details about Slender: S... | PC

A Q&A with Justin Ross of Slender: Source

1165d ago - Matt McDermot of sits down with Justin Ross, the founder and project lead behind th... | PC

Slender: Source Intentions

1166d ago - The Project Lead of Slender: Source, and Founder of Ethereal Entertainment writes about their ins... | PC
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