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Sleeping Dogs Previews  

X360A - Sleeping Dogs: The Zodiac Tournament Hands-On Preview – Enter the Dragon

1148d ago - X360A - Enter the Dragon is a stone cold kung-fu classic, so United Front's decision to make the... | PC

Sleeping Dogs First Impressions | Total Revue

1253d ago - United Front Games have delivered their attempt at an open world, gangs and street crime experien... | PC

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FTG Gamescom 2012 Hands-on: Sleeping Dogs

1267d ago - FTG writes- Sleeping Dogs, formerly True Crime: Hong Kong, seems like a wannabe sandbox brawler f... | PC
70° Sleeping Dogs preview

1282d ago - With its release date now less than a week away, it's time to take a look at a preview for Square... | PC
70° E3 over, major title releases on the horizon part I

1282d ago - Here's a preview look at a part 1 of 2 series looking towards the biggest games coming up within... | PC

Console Domination's Month in Preview - August

1284d ago - Console Domination writes: Following from a fairly barren and uninteresting month for games in Ju... | PC

PC Gamer - Sleeping Dogs preview

1288d ago - PC Gamer - Open-world action game protagonists tend to be of a schizophrenic bent. Nico Bellic’s... | PC

GamePlanet - Sleeping Dogs Preview

1288d ago - It’s difficult to describe Sleeping Dogs without referencing the other games it so liberally borr... | PC

1up - Sleeping Dogs Gives Players a Dark World to Explore at their Own Pace

1289d ago - 1up - Hong Kong action cinema certainly enjoys the opportunity to be silly and gritty at the same... | PC

Sleeping Dogs Video Preview | GodisaGeek

1291d ago - GodisaGeek: "Here at GodisaGeek we decided that sometimes showing can be better than telling, so... | PC

Hands-On With Sleeping Dogs | Daily Joypad

1293d ago - DJP's Dan: "No matter how good sandbox games turn out, there’s always at least one tiny niggle... | PC

Sleeping Dogs: truly criminal, or Grand Theft Kung Fu?

1293d ago - OXM - Another look at United Front's Hong Kong brawler. | PC

Five Reasons to Look Forward to Sleeping Dogs

1293d ago - With its release right around the corner, Cassidee from takes a look at Sleeping Do... | PC

In-Depth Preview: Sleeping Dogs | Only Single Player

1294d ago - As its release date approaches, Sleeping Dogs has been getting its fair share of hype. After a s... | PC

Sleeping Dogs Preview | FruityGamers

1294d ago - Sleeping Dogs (known as Sleeping Dogs: Hong Kong Secret Police in Japan) is an open world crime g... | PC

Sleeping Dogs Hands-On Preview - Chet & Jon

1294d ago - A hands-on preview of Square Enix's Hong Kong thriller Sleeping Dogs. The Finite Playlist = 20 ga... | PC

Hands-on Preview for Sleeping Dogs- Pleasantly Surprised (

1295d ago - Sleeping Dogs is one of Square Enix’s next hit titles. This game is an open world crime drama set... | PC

Kiwi Gam3r: Sleeping Dogs Hong Kong Pow

1297d ago - Sleeping Dogs is a few weeks away and it just so happens to be one of my most anticipated games o... | Xbox 360

GameInformer- Sleeping Dogs Preview: Mixed Loyalties And Massage Parlors

1297d ago - GameInformer, Ali Rapp- "I spent three hours tooling around Hong Kong in Square Enix's upcoming t... | PC

Clickonline Preview - Sleeping Dogs

1298d ago - Clickonline writes "I should spare a sentence or three forSleeping Dogs' unusual past if only bec... | PC

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GamerZines: Five things we love about Sleeping Dogs

1298d ago - GamerZines goes hands-on with United Front Games' Sleeping Dogs and comes back with five things i... | PC

Sleeping Dogs Preview - The Guardian

1299d ago - The Guardian: "Let Sleeping Dogs lie? Impossible, when there is this much action and gunplay invo... | PC

Sleeping Dogs - Hands on [UpperPad]

1301d ago - The game from Square Enix is no stranger to our pages. A few weeks ago we brought you an initial... | PC

Sleeping Dogs Preview| CheatCC

1303d ago - Sleeping Dogs wasn't always called Sleeping Dogs. Back in the days when it was being developed un... | PC

Sleeping Dogs hands-on preview: getting to grips with 2012′s biggest surprise package OPM

1304d ago - It looked like Sleeping Dogs might never happen – back when it was called True Crime: Hong Kong a... | PC
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Sleeping Dogs

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Sleeping Dogs HD Release Dates
Xbox One Release Dates
us October 2014 15 Months Ago
uk October 2014 15 Months Ago
global October 2014 15 Months Ago
PlayStation 4 Release Dates
us October 2014 15 Months Ago
uk October 2014 15 Months Ago
global October 2014 15 Months Ago
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