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Indie Strong

321d ago ... [b]By Cat[/b] He was wearing a bright red plastic fireman’s hat and soliciting the Indie Alley traffic like their very gaming salvation depended on it. As I approached the booth for my scheduled interview I surreptitiously surveyed their reactions and those of the people already playing, confirming that it wasn’t just me - Fire Hose Games Fire Chief Eitan Glinert has infectious enthusiasm. I...

At a Glance: Fire Hose Games

321d ago ... [b]Fire Hose Games[/b] makes video games. Specifically, they make video games that are exciting and different. Video games that encourage social play. Video games that push the limits of how people play games. Oh, and video games that are FUN. Located in ever-sunny Cambridge, MA, Fire Hose Games has worked on titles like Dance Central, Rock Band Blitz, and Ms. Splosion Man! They released the...

Go Home Dinosaurs! Interview, Part One

1350d ago ... Interviewing Eitan Glinert, Fire Hose Games’ Fire Chief, isn’t really about asking questions so much as it is staying out of the way of his train of thought. He’s just cool like that. In part one of our interview at PAX he talks to me about their upcoming tower defense title Go Home Dinosaurs!, how the game began as Slam Bolt Scrappers mobile, and 40 to 50 to 60-person multiplayer features....

This St. Paddy's Day Throw one Back with Slam Bolt Scrappers

1527d ago ... Slam Bolt Scrappers is one of those games that is just plain likable. While at a show like GDC I'm often asked for my favorite game, a question that's usually difficult to answer. There are games that show potential, games that intrigue, games that are striking but we never get to try hands on - and then there are games that you walk half a mile away from the convention for so that you can meet...

N4G at PAX - Day 1

1722d ago ... One of the quirky things about my job is swapping hats between journalist for N4G's editorial site, ZTGD, and Community Manager for N4G. Here's what I'm going to try here: I'm all C.M. in this blog, with mere hints of what's in store for my coverage over on ZTGD. Here you will find what I saw and what I got - and the latter is a strong indicator of what may be given away on N4G in the coming we...
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