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Six Days in Fallujah Articles  

The 10 Biggest Gaming Controversies

522d ago - In the world of video game development, attracting attention is a necessity whether good or bad.... | Industry

Whatever Happened To: Six Days In Fallujah

526d ago - Wastelander75 writes: In this op-ed piece, I take a very, very personal look at Atomic Games' Six... | Culture

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Five cancelled games that deserve another chance on PS4 and Xbox One

733d ago - GameZone writes, "When looking forward, it’s hard to not also look back and imagine what some gam... | PS4

The Top 5 Games That Were Never Released

956d ago - Ruaidhri has a look through some games that got our hopes up with alpha footage, but never saw th... | Retro

10 Cancelled Video Games That Looked Awesome

1101d ago - WC writes: Don’t you hate it when all those awesome trailers, clips and pictures of a new game st... | PC

10 Cancelled Games That Could Have Been Great

1208d ago - There's all sorts of reasons games get scrapped, beyond just being 'not very good'. Developers ca... | PC

Pushing Buttons: On the Business Acumen of Jim Sterling

1212d ago - Following her critique of Colin Moriarty last week, Camine segues into a response to Jim Sterling... | Xbox 360

Colin Moriarty: A Politically Correct Peer Review

1222d ago - It's political correctness gone sad as Camine responds to her fellow pea Colin Moriarty, and wond... | Culture

What Military Shooters Leave Out

1515d ago - James Hawkins of Joystick Division rages against the military shooters that dominate gaming's lan... | Culture

Where War Video Games Could Go Post 9/11

1535d ago - Joystick Division's Rich Shivener argues that it's time for a commercial video game to offer a ri... | Culture

Top 10 Controversial Games of This Generation

1686d ago - Narrowing down the list to just 10 was difficult but all of these games struck raw nerves in peop... | PC

It's time to get serious about serious games

1689d ago - VGW's Chris Totten: "As for violence and subject matter, developers and publishers of popular tit... | PC

When Will Video Games Treat Real Wars With Maturity?

1839d ago - There will be a time when the unspoken majority can identify the complexity of playing as the Tal... | PC

What Medal Of Honor Can Learn From Six Days In Fallujah

1894d ago - NowGamer looks at the case of Konami's aborted real world Iraq-based shooter and asks: what shoul... | PC

The games that never were (

2003d ago - From Duke Nukem Forever to Starcraft: Ghost, takes a look at a few games that didn't... | Culture

Controversy for Controversy's Sake: Videogames Still Lack Maturity

2306d ago - Controversy in videogames is not an unusual turn-of-events. As with any form of media, there will... | 1,2,11,12

Six Days in Fallujah: Controversy continues

2307d ago - Does war make for a good video game? That's what the makers of Six Days in Fallujah are waiting t... | 1,2,12,13

This Developer's Life: Six Days in Fallujah

2350d ago - James Portnow @ Gamasutra: "Dear Reader: Sorry, they'll be no lifestyle or gossip today, I w... | 1,2,12

10 Canceled Video Games We Hardly Knew

2384d ago - Inevitably, some videogames are conceived, announced, developed, and demoed before being sent to... | 1,2,3,9,11,12

Making A Game Out Of Today's War - Kotaku

2389d ago - The video game industry was about to get its first major game based on a current military action,... | 1, 2, 11, 13

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The War Game Conundrum: How Long is Too Long?

2390d ago - Split-screen: "Do people only suffer when a war is taking place? There are still plenty of i... | 1,2,11,12

Atomic CEO calls Fallujah game relevant

2401d ago - The chief executive of Atomic Games, the creative force behind the controversial video game &quot... | 1,2,15

The Challenge of Non-Political War Games

2401d ago - A lot of rubbish has been written in the past week about 'Six Days in Fallujah'. This opinion pie... | 1,2,15

6 ways to save Six Days in Fallujah

2403d ago - GamesRadar writes: "We've all heard the news that controversial Iraqi shooter Six Days... | 1,2,12

IGN: The Fall of Fallujah

2403d ago - Mike Thompson wrote an editorial on Tuesday criticizing Konami's recent decision to withdraw publ... | 1,2,12
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Six Days in Fallujah

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