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PSFocus: SingStar Wireless Mics Hardware Review

1818d ago - The Dutch website has written an article/review about SingStar's Wireless Mics. | 1

AATG: SingStar Volume 3 Review

1892d ago - AATG: "So, forgetting the tracklist, because you will simply build your own over time,... | 1

Square-Go: Singstar Vol.3 Review

1919d ago - Of course it's still not perfect, as at its heart it's still a karaoke game, and if you don't lik... | 1

Gametoaster Review: Singstar ABBA & Volume 3

1924d ago - Sony's first-party karaoke franchise has long been a jewel in the crown for the Playstation brand... | 1

Filmwatch April Contests

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HardGame2: SingStar Vol 3 Review

1928d ago - SingStar Vol 3 is a very interesting package of songs that offers a wide variety of content for k... | 1

Impulse Gamer : Singstar Vol. 3 Review

1930d ago - John Blake writes "For lovers of online, you have the ability to join My SingStar which is a... | 1

buttonmasher: Singstar Vol. 3 Review

1939d ago - At this time of year, Karaoke games are always the 'in' thing. As people celebrate and wind down... | 1

Play: SingStar Vol. 3 Review

1940d ago - Chances are you'd be far better off spending the same amount of cash in the SingStore to on a sel... | 1

El33t Online: SingStar Vol. 3 Review

1942d ago - The formula of original songs by original artists, along with the original music video (in HD whe... | 1

Gamecell: Singstar Volume 3 review

1942d ago - Of course, the fact that this game is on PS3 means you'll have access to the Singstore where you... | 1

Jolt Review: SingStar Volume 3

1951d ago - Jolt: "If you're on the market for your first SingStar game for PlayStation 3 then you might... | 1

Futuregamez: SingStar Volume 3 review

1952d ago - SingStar Vol. 3 doesn't add anything new which is disappointing, but the 30 tracks here really ar... | 1

Ace Gamez Review - Singstar Vol. 3

1952d ago - Ace Gamez: " Since the original game's release back in 2004, Sony has delivered an incredibl... | 1

Thunderbolt: SingStar Volume 3 Review

1953d ago - Terence Gage writes, "The SingStar franchise seems irrepressible. Not content with numerous... | 1

NZGamer: SingStar Vol. 3 Review

1954d ago - NZGamer writes: "The PlayStation 3 versions of SingStar continue to roll out, and much like... | 1

Gamespot Review : SingStar: Vol. 3

1954d ago - In many ways, playing SingStar Vol. 3 is a lot like having last night's leftovers. It looks exact... | 1

VGR: SingStar Vol 3 review

1959d ago - VGR: "Vol 3 still has the same interface as the other Volumes and sadly, the videos ar... | 1
10° SingStar Vol.3 Review

1960d ago - Any SingStar fan looking for anything more than 30 new songs from Vol.3 will be s... | 1

Eurogamer: SingStar Roundup Review

1960d ago - Eurogamer writes: "Being a woman, a terrific show-off and a part-time alcoholic, I love Sing... | 1,9

iTWire Review: SingStar ABBA, Vol 3 and Singalong With Disney

1961d ago - iTWire writes: "Lucky this is a typed out review, my throat is somewhat horse from belting o... | 1,9

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Wonderwallweb review Singstar Vol.3

1965d ago - Quote from site: "It's difficult to know what else to write about this game really, if... | 1

Kikizo: SingStar Vol. 3 Review

1967d ago - Kikizo writes: "Few whose lives involve gaming these days will have escaped SingStar's atten... | 1

GOA REVIEW : SingStar Vol.3

1969d ago - GOA Writes : Billie Jean's not my lover she's just a girl says that I am the one', oops I'm writi... | 1

Pocket-Lint: SingStar Volume 3 review

1971d ago - Pocket-Lint: "It's all about the track listings for these games, and unfortunately Vol... | 1
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SingStar Vol. 3

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