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SingStar Adds Vibrato Support, PSP Remote Control

1895d ago - PushSquare: "SingStar's a bit like the gift that keeps giving. For years Sony's karaoke pla... | 1

Impulse Gamer: Singstar Motown PS2 Review

2009d ago - Impulse Gamer writes: "Cool probably best sums up SingStar Motown on the PS2 Even thoug... | 9


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SingStar Party Picks Track Pack Coming

2028d ago - BeefJack writes: "A 'Party Picks' Track Pack is set to hit for SingStar to round off the New... | 1

Impulse Gamer: Singstar Motown Review

2030d ago - Impulse Gamer writes: "Cool probably best sums up SingStar Motown on the PS3! Even thou... | 1

SingStar Viewer โ€“ Coming Soon

2030d ago - Rob Rutter on European Playstation.Blog writes: "Today, I'm really pleased to be able t... | 1

GBX: Singstar: Motown Review

2036d ago - GBX writes: "Well from the Jackson Five to Stevie wonder to Marvin Gaye to Diane Ross and Th... | 1,9

SingStar series hits 20 million copies sold

2042d ago - PS3Hype writes: 'Today Sony announced that the SingStar series has surpasses 20 million copies so... | 1,9,13

Ortis Deley on SingStar Motown; The PS3 Attitude CelebReview

2044d ago - From PS3 Attitude, "Welcome to the first in a new series of articles here at PS3 Attitude.... | 1

Cliff Richard, Slade Set To Hit UK SingStar Store

2049d ago - BeefJack writes: "It's not even December yet, but even Sony's pre-emptively getting into the... | 1

DGS-Online: Singstar Motown Review

2050d ago - DGS-Online writes: "SingStar bundle all these years and months appear on the shelves is the... | 1,9

PALGN: SingStar: Motown Review

2052d ago - PALGN writes: "Unlike SingStar: Take That, which is the other recently released track pack f... | 1

Square-Go: Singstar Motown Review

2084d ago - Perhaps it seems like only last week that the previous Singstar game graced the shelves of your l... | 1

BoomTown: Singstar Motown (PS3) Review

2090d ago - BoomTown writes: "Ever felt like you're talking to a brick wall? Well that's how it seems to... | 1

Gamer: SingStar Motown Review

2098d ago - Gamer writes: "When I invited some friends to an evening of Motown SingStar to come with yel... | 1,9

NZGamer: SingStar Motown Review

2098d ago - NZGamer writes: "Another SingStar game! I'm telling you, after reviewing game after game aft... | 1

GameZine: SingStar Motown Review

2099d ago - GameZine writes: "A new trend of gaming is now upon us, the casual game they call it, it all... | 1

Singstar Motown โ€“ theLostGamer Review

2101d ago - The Lost Gamer writes "Having been founded in 1959, this year sees the infamous Motown Recor... | 1

VGR: Singstar Motown Review

2105d ago - VGR writes: "The music of Motown is widely known and has a vast appeal to those who like a b... | 1

XGN: SingStar Motown Review

2106d ago - XGN writes: "It's been 50 years since the Motown record company was founded. Many famous art... | 1

SingStore update - 01 October

2107d ago - Nextgamer posted up the full list of the SingStore update for 01 October 2009. | 1

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Wonderwallweb Review: Singstar Motown

2113d ago - Wonderwallweb Writes: Overall this disc brings the usual quality you would expect from the S... | 1

PushSquare: SingStar: Motown on Playstation 3 Review

2115d ago - PushSquare: "SingStar: Motown is essentially a glorified track-pack. Still, the range of qua... | 1

The Sun: Singstar Motown Review

2116d ago - The Sun writes: "THERE are two ways to look at the endless 'new' versions of Sing Star, Rock... | 1

Sony is adding voice recognition to PS3-SDK

2124d ago - PS3-Sense writes "Sony will soon include a voice recognition function in the PS3's Software... | 1

PSFocus: Singstar Motown Review

2136d ago - PSFocus writes: "SingStar is very popular with the advent of wireless microphones is just th... | 1

SingStar Motown

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Release Dates
PS2 Release Dates
AU 17 September 2009
EU 18 September 2009
US 10 November 2009
PS3 Release Dates
EU 18 September 2009
US 13 October 2009
AU 17 September 2009