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SingStar Adds Vibrato Support, PSP Remote Control

2042d ago - PushSquare: "SingStar's a bit like the gift that keeps giving. For years Sony's karaoke pla... | 1

Impulse Gamer: Singstar Motown PS2 Review

2155d ago - Impulse Gamer writes: "Cool probably best sums up SingStar Motown on the PS2 Even thoug... | 9

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SingStar Party Picks Track Pack Coming

2174d ago - BeefJack writes: "A 'Party Picks' Track Pack is set to hit for SingStar to round off the New... | 1

Impulse Gamer: Singstar Motown Review

2176d ago - Impulse Gamer writes: "Cool probably best sums up SingStar Motown on the PS3! Even thou... | 1

SingStar Viewer โ€“ Coming Soon

2176d ago - Rob Rutter on European Playstation.Blog writes: "Today, I'm really pleased to be able t... | 1

GBX: Singstar: Motown Review

2182d ago - GBX writes: "Well from the Jackson Five to Stevie wonder to Marvin Gaye to Diane Ross and Th... | 1,9

SingStar series hits 20 million copies sold

2188d ago - PS3Hype writes: 'Today Sony announced that the SingStar series has surpasses 20 million copies so... | 1,9,13

Ortis Deley on SingStar Motown; The PS3 Attitude CelebReview

2191d ago - From PS3 Attitude, "Welcome to the first in a new series of articles here at PS3 Attitude.... | 1

Cliff Richard, Slade Set To Hit UK SingStar Store

2195d ago - BeefJack writes: "It's not even December yet, but even Sony's pre-emptively getting into the... | 1

DGS-Online: Singstar Motown Review

2197d ago - DGS-Online writes: "SingStar bundle all these years and months appear on the shelves is the... | 1,9

PALGN: SingStar: Motown Review

2199d ago - PALGN writes: "Unlike SingStar: Take That, which is the other recently released track pack f... | 1

Square-Go: Singstar Motown Review

2231d ago - Perhaps it seems like only last week that the previous Singstar game graced the shelves of your l... | 1

BoomTown: Singstar Motown (PS3) Review

2237d ago - BoomTown writes: "Ever felt like you're talking to a brick wall? Well that's how it seems to... | 1

Gamer: SingStar Motown Review

2244d ago - Gamer writes: "When I invited some friends to an evening of Motown SingStar to come with yel... | 1,9

NZGamer: SingStar Motown Review

2245d ago - NZGamer writes: "Another SingStar game! I'm telling you, after reviewing game after game aft... | 1

GameZine: SingStar Motown Review

2246d ago - GameZine writes: "A new trend of gaming is now upon us, the casual game they call it, it all... | 1

Singstar Motown โ€“ theLostGamer Review

2247d ago - The Lost Gamer writes "Having been founded in 1959, this year sees the infamous Motown Recor... | 1

VGR: Singstar Motown Review

2252d ago - VGR writes: "The music of Motown is widely known and has a vast appeal to those who like a b... | 1

XGN: SingStar Motown Review

2252d ago - XGN writes: "It's been 50 years since the Motown record company was founded. Many famous art... | 1

SingStore update - 01 October

2254d ago - Nextgamer posted up the full list of the SingStore update for 01 October 2009. | 1

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Wonderwallweb Review: Singstar Motown

2260d ago - Wonderwallweb Writes: Overall this disc brings the usual quality you would expect from the S... | 1

PushSquare: SingStar: Motown on Playstation 3 Review

2261d ago - PushSquare: "SingStar: Motown is essentially a glorified track-pack. Still, the range of qua... | 1

The Sun: Singstar Motown Review

2263d ago - The Sun writes: "THERE are two ways to look at the endless 'new' versions of Sing Star, Rock... | 1

Sony is adding voice recognition to PS3-SDK

2271d ago - PS3-Sense writes "Sony will soon include a voice recognition function in the PS3's Software... | 1

PSFocus: Singstar Motown Review

2282d ago - PSFocus writes: "SingStar is very popular with the advent of wireless microphones is just th... | 1

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