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User Review : SingStar: Dance

  • Very fun with great gameplay
  • Best Singstar game
  • Great song collection
  • Video quality can be low
  • Some space is needed
  • Constant calibrating

Is this dance game worth getting a sweat over?

Singstar: Dance is a spin off to the well known Playstation karaoke series Singstar. It is developed by SCE London Studio and features an impressive track list to sing and dance to.

The tracks range from the calm and sexual (Shaggy's Boombastic) to the up beat (Gossip's Standing in the Way of Control). The tracks do contain some classics like Sir Mix A Lot's Baby Got Back which are always endless amounts of fun to dance to. The tracks are defiantly a good amount to get you started. The graphical style is similar to previous Singstar games so nothing new here

They way the game works is that you use the Move controls to copy the dancers showing you the dance moves. The Playstation Eye captures your moves as you attempt to bust a groove. A big bonus is you do not need two controllers to play only one is necessary. The Playstation Eye tracks the Move controller. When playing it is worth doing all the moves to get a rytheme (defiantly needed for this game). The game scoring system is very similar to the Singstar games before it. A general bad,good,great comes after every set of moves. The end score is calculated to give you a ability rating to see if you ace it or ,mainly in my case, got a less favourable level.

The best way to play this is with others. Two people dancing and often sharing dance moves gives some hilarious videos which can be played back via the video playback feature (it is also worth noting these videos can be saved and more often than not are embarrassing). The video can play while you dance so you and everyone can see how good or badly you are doing. A good feature is while two people dance two more people can sing. Singing and dancing can be done even thought, technically, there is no actual feature. This is done by each player assuming the roles of two people but this is not advised as concentrating on getting the dance moves is hard enough.

But do not be fooled you can get this for just yourself. There is a practice mode and also all the songs can be played by yourself. It does get physically tiring after a while so you fitness freaks out their looking for a more exciting way to do exercise while playing video games this is a definite must. A feature missing is a form of story mode. I know this is a karaoke game but a story mode would have been a nice extra.

The feature to play online is a nice but not a game changer. I really never got into battling it out online as I found it more fun playing with friends in the same room. The SingStore is back with some nice options to upgrade your songs to the dance version from as little as 40p (UK store). The downside ,though, is the songs are console specific and so I couldn't upgrade my songs due to me getting a new PS3. Though the store songs can be bought and then upgrade in a similar fashion. I couldn't find anything over 40p which wasn't too expensive. The Store is a social media hub. With everything from polls to uploaded videos and you can even join clubs (basically groups). This game has so much more than dancing and the way it connects all Singstar players in one area is incredible

A nice feature is to edit videos. You can edit (annoyingly only 30 seconds) of video an add effects. This is great but is servilely hindered by the visual quality of some of the videos recorded (I will get onto that in a moment)

There can't be a review with out some negative points. There is the lack of story mode I mentioned earlier. The video quality from the Playstation Eye is poor and the quality of the video is not consistent. I am not sure what is going on but some times the video quality is not bad but then it deteriates and then goes back to normal. Its not a big disadvantage but it is something that needs fixing. Space is an issue. I have used the Move before but it seems a lot of space is needed to stop bashing into each other. After playing for a bit you instantly stop hitting each other but the play area seems much smaller than other move games. The constant calibrating is pain as well ( a little note the height calculations are way off and a friend of mine got told see was 3ft).

However, overall this is the best Singstar game to date and the best party game I have played in a long time. It is fun to play and with an ever increasing library of content to try you are not going to get bored of the songs that easily. The fact that this game can be used as just a singing game makes it worth it even more. I think this is a must buy.

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