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Fans: No Matter What You Choose, You've Won

469d ago ... I love video games; love 'em to death honestly. I've been gaming ever since I was a little baby, playing Mario when I was barely speaking sentences, then Sonic when I was into Saturday morning cartoons, Jak & Daxter in junior high, Halo when I was entering high school and now a little mix of everything in between. Video games are most certainly my passion and certainly hold a very dear place in...

How the new xbox may collapse under the weight of its own policies.

750d ago ... Let me paint you a somewhat likely scenario. Let’s assume that the Xbox One does sell out all its pre orders and that Microsoft does not reverse its stance on DRM. History tells us that major game launches that involve DRM tend to be a bit messy. Consider the recent examples of Diablo 3 and SimCity, both had major problems for weeks on end. Now consider an entire console built around the i...

XBros Are A Real Problem

766d ago ... What do the millions of people that bought Diablo 3, SimCity, and the defenders or the Xbox One have in common? They all just don't care about the terrible precedents they help to set. To anyone who cares about little inconsequential freedoms like "choice," and "privacy," and "ownership," the Xbox One is indefensible. We'll come back to that later. Right now, I want to address the Xbox One d...

Can Hacking/Piracy Be Considered Acceptable?

792d ago ... So with the recent news of the Wii U's supposed hacking, I thought I would ask the question presented in the headline while providing my own thoughts on the matter. Piracy is something I think almost any big gamer is guilty of at one point or another and whether they know it or not. Downloading a free game or perhaps playing a copy that friend made for you, for instance. The use of ROMs, ISO...
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