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Your Complete Guide To The SimCity Disaster

864d ago - Misinformation. Server errors. Fan backlash. Since EA launched SimCity two weeks ago, the online... | PC

How to succeed in the new SimCity

864d ago - VideoGamer - Hints, tips and everything you need to know to get you on your way to becoming a top... | PC

VII Things That Final Fantasy VII Cannot Lose!

Now - We’re going to see a lot of changes before the upcoming FFVII - Remake sees the light of day and we should be okay with that. But here is our list... | Promoted post

If I Was Mayor – Beginner’s Guide to SimCity |

865d ago - Now that you finally got into SimCity, I’m sure you have already tried your hand at being the May... | PC

SimCity: How To Build A Residential Metropolis

867d ago - It's possible to build a stunning, Singapore-esque city without commercial or industrial zones. H... | PC

Weekend Gaming 3/15/2013

867d ago - onpause writes: Every Friday we’ll post Weekend Gaming, which will be a summary of some of th... | PC

What SimCity Has Taught Us About Review Scores

867d ago - The fallout of the SimCity DRM debacle hit somewhere rare: review scores. The game showed how muc... | PC

SimCity guide: 10 essential tips for building the ultimate city

867d ago - With the servers now functioning properly, hundreds of thousands of gamers have amassed millions... | PC

The great Sim City debacle: how DRM killed our dreams

868d ago - An article that deals with the release of the undercooked Sim City, and the fury that has resulted.. | PC

SimCity Guide - How To Manage Fire Safety, Health, Police and Parks

869d ago - SegmentNext - "How to effectively manage City Services in SimCity 2013 to keep you and your city... | PC

SimCity Specializations Guide

869d ago - Which specialization is the most lucrative? How should you set up trade? Prima Games answers all... | PC

Roundtable: City Planning: Were SimCity launch issues avoidable?

869d ago - GI - For all the high-rhetoric about digital futures and an 'always connected' culture, it doesn'... | PC

SimCity Roads Guide - Layout, Zoning and Traffic Control

869d ago - SegmentNext - "How to plan and manage roads layout, zoning and traffic control in SimCity 2013". | PC

SimCity Education Guide - Library, Schools and University

869d ago - SegmentNext - "How to manage Education in SimCity to keep your Sims civil and reduce crime rate". | PC

My SimCity City Thrived Offline For 19 Minutes

869d ago - Kotaku - I ran a test yesterday. I loaded the always-online SimCity—the game that EA says just ca... | PC

SimCity Education Guide

869d ago - An educated population benefits the entire city. Prima Games tells you what you need to know abou... | PC

SimCity City Services Guide

869d ago - Keep your city running smoothly with this quick guide to SimCity city services. | PC

SimCity Strategy Guide

870d ago - FleshEatingZipper writes: So you’re finally able to start playing SimCity and don’t know where to... | PC

SimCity Tourism Guide

870d ago - SegmentNext - "How to make your city a tourism hub in SimCity 2013. Learn how you can attract tou... | PC

How does the SimCity fiasco compare to gaming's worst disaster launches?

870d ago - SimCity has had a spectacular, depressing disaster launch. But was it the worst ever? CVG looks t... | PC

"You Asked For This" - The Road to SimCity is Paved with Anti-Piracy Emotional Blackmail

870d ago - From GamesReviews: "It's difficult to get an unbiased view on piracy. People who download cont... | PC

Go Mechanical

Now - WASD mechanical keyboards provide a superior typing experience over common rubber dome keyboards. | Promoted post

Top 12 great SimCity alternatives: Tropico 4, Theme Hospital and more!

870d ago - "Today, we'd intended on posting our review of the long-awaited SimCity, the 2013 revamp of one o... | PC

In the shadow of SimCity: A plea for consumer sense

870d ago - This SimCity debacle proves one thing: gamers must vote with their wallets like never before. | Industry

Basic tips on how to get the most out of SimCity

871d ago - Most of the coverage of SimCity up until this point has been negative because let’s be honest, ne... | PC

SimCity in Crisis: DRM, Review Scores, and More Publisher Apologizing

871d ago - SimCity’s week of troubles is almost over, however this always-on DRM debacle reiterates the terr... | PC

SimCity Zoning Guide

871d ago - SegmentNext - "How to build your City by correctly placing different zones for different activiti... | PC


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