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Silent Hill Live coming to the UK this Halloween

31d ago - Akira Yamaoka will be performing live music from horror franchise Silent Hill at various venues a... | Culture

Konami Reveals Comic-Con Exclusive Pyramid Head Figure

814d ago - Konami has revealed a Comic-Con exclusive variant of ToyMunkey and Gecco's line of Pyramid Head f... | Culture

Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Review

Now - Justin tries his hand at creating supreme Mario levels. | Promoted post

Pyramid Head Rape Scene Edited Out of Silent Hill 2 HD?

1296d ago - Some eagle eyed fans of Silent Hill 2 have apparently noticed an infamous scene inexplicably miss... | Xbox 360

Silent Hill 2 HD - The trophies

1300d ago - A list with all trophies for Silent Hill 2 HD. | PS3

An Interview with Jacquelyn Breckenridge: The Voice of Silent Hill 2's Laura

1354d ago - "Much like Heather Morris, Jacquelyn has remained under the gaming radar... | PS2

Silent Hill: The Terror Engine, an academic analysis of the series, released

1358d ago - Warp Zoned writes: "Silent Hill: The Terror Engine both analyzes the first three Silent Hill g... | PS2

Silent Hill: Downpour compares to Silent Hill 2, says dev

1371d ago - Silent Hill: Downpour producer Devin Shatsky has claimed that the upcoming psychological horror t... | Xbox 360

Guy Cihi clears the air regarding the Silent Hill HD Collection

1406d ago - The Horrorcast gets the chance to interview Guy Cihi, the original voice actor for James Sunderla... | PS2

Will the Silent Hill Series Upcoming Reboot Save the Franchise?

1432d ago - Konami announced the launch dates for three "new" titles for it's popular survival horror series,... | Xbox 360

Maria from Silent Hill 2 Speaks. An Interview with actress Monica Taylor Horgan

1438d ago - "TGL caught up with Monica Taylor Horgan, the actress responsive for one... | PS2

Interview with Monica Taylor Horgan, Original Voice of Mary/Maria from Silent Hill 2

1443d ago - SHE: We have another exciting podcast interview for you with the lovely Monica Taylor Horgan the... | PS2

Horgan: "Konami's McGlynn Is Making Inaccurate Remarks About Original Silent Hill Voice Actors"

1463d ago - Monica Horgan, the original voice actress of Maria/Mary in Silent Hill 2, has expressed disappoin... | Xbox 360

Interview with David Schaufele (The Original Voice Actor for Eddie in Silent Hill 2)

1464d ago - Silent Haven recently interviewed David Schaufele on his role as the original Eddie in Silent Hil... | PS2

Tomm Hulett Regrets Asking For Fan Opinions On Silent Hill HD Collection

1465d ago - Tomm Hulett: "Sorry to say, but I think Devin and I being so involved on forums was a mistake. We... | Xbox 360

Interview with Monica Horgan, The Original Voice Actress for Silent Hill 2's Mary/Maria

1497d ago - Silent Haven: This is a special one Silent Hill fans! I had the awesome opportunity to speak with... | PS2

New James Sunderland Voice Actor Troy Baker Discusses The Silent Hill 2 HD Voice Controversy

1507d ago - "TGL caught up with Troy Baker for an interview about the forthcoming HD... | PS2

Original James Sunderland Voice Actor Speaks Out About Silent Hill 2 HD Re-Casting

1582d ago - "Yesterday it was reported that Konami's Silent Hill HD Collection on PS... | PS3

Support the Japanese relief fund and get some cool gaming swag in the process!

1644d ago - I’m constantly amazed at the things people will do out of pure goodwill, none more so as of late... | PS2

Akira Yamaoka’s Silent Hill Guitar + FX Amps Being Auctioned For Charity

1654d ago - Play for Japan: We’ve seen some jaw-droppers come through the Play For Japan-endorsed auctions in... | PS2

Fan Continues The Story of Silent Hill 2 With UDK

1689d ago - A highly ambitious project by Spanish designer Titobruni aims to continue the story of Silent Hil... | PS2

Top US Releases in Cinemas This October

Now - October is upon us and, as award season starts to gear into life, a whole slew of top movie releases hit US cinemas; amongst which will see a retur... | Promoted post

HellDescent: Guy Cihi ‘The Voice Behind James Sunderland’ Interview

1804d ago - HellDescent: Digging into our Silent Hill fan-site roots, we have contacted one of the most famou... | PS2

James Sunderland In Silent Hill 2 Speaks. Interested in Returning To The Role If Given The Chance

1805d ago - writes: "TGL recently caught up with Guy Cihi, the voice of Silent Hill 2... | PS2

New PS3/Xbox 360 Silent Hill Announced

2009d ago - HellDescent writes: "Konami has just announced that a "next-gen console" version o... | 1,2

Is Climax Working on Silent Hill For Xbox 360 and PS3?

2048d ago - HellDescent writes: "In a recent job posting by Climax UK we see that the company is looking... | 1,2

Akira Yamaoka Will Return To Silent Hill If Asked

2055d ago - HellDescent writes: "Akira Yamaoka may have left Konami after more than ten years to seek ne... | 1,2,3,13
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