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What the heck happened to Silent Hill?

1179d ago ... MAJOR SPOILERS OF SILENT HILL DOWNPOUR It's 1999 and I have a copy of Metal Gear Solid for the PSOne in my hands and I notice an extra disc in the case. "What's this?" its a demo of Silent Hill, soon to be my favourite franchise. Nothing could prepare me for that game, the first scene in the alleyway was a true sense of horror I had never felt even in the Resident Evil games. I was hooked....

The top 10 scariest moments in videogames.

1407d ago ... Seeing as Christmas is right around the bend, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some super scary moments in videogames, be warned, if you are within fifteen feet of a child, put them to bed because things are about to get scary and children can sense your fear, even through walls. 10. Deadly Premonition, staying up past midnight. If you are one of the ten people who has actually...
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