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Game Music Daily Week 14

3d ago - We inch closer to 100 as Front Towards Gamer's staff ups the ante again with another week great p... | PC

Favorite Video Game Villains

19d ago - Entropy Staff picks out their favorite game villains/bosses throughout the history of gaming rang... | Culture

My Top 10 Scary Video Games

38d ago - "Video games have developed a lot in the past few decades. With better graphics and interesting s... | GameCube

Top Five Heartrending Moments In Silent Hill

46d ago - Part of what makes Silent Hill so terrifying is that the writers know how helpless we feel when w... | Culture

inFamous: Second Son (PS4) Review

Now - Ken abuses his powers in the latest entry in the inFamous series. | Promoted post

Is Silent Hill Truly Beyond Redemption?

53d ago - Rhys from Awesome Games writes: 'I recently picked up Siren Blood Curse on the cheap. If you don’... | PS2

Twinfinite's Endless Playlist: Silent Hill

64d ago - This week's Endless Playlist looks at Akira Yamaoka's work on the psychological soundtrack of Sil... | PS2

The Top Ten Horror Games that Should Come to the PS Vita

66d ago - Rudolf van Wyk writes: "Sony’s insubmissive handheld game console, the PS Vita, has one major sho... | PS Vita

6 Horror Games That Deserve Next-Gen Remakes

69d ago - BD writes: "The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been available for a few months now, gifting cons... | PS4

Save me: The symbolism of Silent Hill’s save points

71d ago - Jody Macgregor via GamesBeat: Silent Hill: Downpour — the eighth game in the horror series that d... | PS2

Top 5 Survival Horror Games

72d ago - Step into the world of survival horror with this chilling countdown. | PS2

Five Genuinely Unsettling Video Games

73d ago - UM writes: "I think the proper way to start this would be to settle on the difference between sca... | PS2

'Silent Hill 2' Review: Tense, Tragic And Terrifying | Bloody Disgusting

77d ago - BD writes: "There’s a reason why we still bang on about Silent Hill 2. Almost fifteen years ha... | PS2

Press Start to Begin - Sex and Nudity: Storytelling and the Advent of Mature Games

80d ago - Press Start to Begin takes a serious look at how themes like sex and nudity are presented in vide... | Culture

Countdown: Top 13 Scariest Game Moments

91d ago - T1 - We’ve all experienced them. The instances when we jumped back from the screen. The moments i... | PS2

Eight of Gaming's Most Bizarre Easter Eggs

101d ago - GameDynamo - "Easter eggs can be thought of as a game developer’s overt nod to their fans and cus... | PC

The Midnight Society: Four Games that Will Make You Cry

128d ago - Hardcore Gamer: I was afraid of the dark when I was younger. I would have my mom check under my b... | PC

Character Assassination: James Sunderland

133d ago - WASDuk's Character Assassination is a weekly segment where they deconstruct and destroy popular c... | Culture

Top 10 Silent Protagonists in Video Games

149d ago - 8CN: The 8th Circuit Network lists off the top 10 silent protagonists in video games. | PC

10 Most Unexpected Video Game Plot Twists

151d ago - AS writes: Vader is Luke’s father! Bruce Willis is dead! You were Tyler Durden all along! Movies... | PS2

The best plot twists on PlayStation

157d ago - PS4 Attitude: "Like that of a good film or television programme, the best stories in videogames k... | PS2

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Top 10 Most Creepy Video Game Characters To Cosplay As (PART TWO)

164d ago - Junkie Monkeys: Here we go again people! Part Two of our creepy cosplay countdown! Who will get t... | Culture

10 horror games that don't rely on jump scares

168d ago - GR writes: For many, jump scares feel like the lowest form of fright. B-movie slashers, stupid Fl... | PS2

Best horror games on PC and consoles

168d ago - MSN writes: If you like to be scared, have a taste for flesh and buckets of gore, then you'll enj... | PC

Top 5 Scary Games To Play This Halloween

168d ago - Having trouble deciding which horror-themed game to play this Halloween? | PS2

Top 10 Terrifying Levels in Horror Games

169d ago - RoH writes: After a certain point in the game, it feels like you’re leading James Sunderland, the... | PS2
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