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User Review : Shadowrun

  • Magic, Tech and Weapons combine for an incredible
  • The game has a matchmaking system that works off o

Shadowrun, one of the best online shooters to date! No lie...

While many critics gave Shadowrun poor reviews for not offering a single player experience, I and many others that own an Xbox 360, chose this console due to its online multiplayer, not to bore ourselves with single player stories.

For $60 they said its just too much for a multiplayer only game. Well, I picked up 2 copies (one for my wife) @ the $60 price tag and never looked back! Now that the games price has come down there is no reason to pass up on this fantastic online shooter! You can pick it up most anywhere for $20 used or $30 new.

Shadowrun is a team-based online shooter, nothing more and nothing less. However, its gameplay and replay value are ground-breaking! You start out by going through a 6 level training seminar on how to play the game and you learn valuable information on how to effectively use your weapons, but more importantly your magic and tech.

Shadowrun is like a blend of Counter-Strike (round-based shooter w/ purchases made in-between rounds) and CoD4(w/ its perks) Though instead of selecting stopping power or select things like teleport, and resurrect (which allows you to bring teammates back to life)...oh BTW - none of the 3 gametypes include respawns - being resurrected is the only way to "respawn" in the middle of a round.

The 3 gametypes included are (my favorite) Attrition...think Gears of War, your job is to eliminate the other team or hold the artifact (flag) when the time runs out. In this gametype you are able to effectively put the magic "resurrect" to use, because in the other two gametypes once you die, you are vulnerable to damage from enemies...a few shots or a few clips (depending on how bad you're getting beaten) and your body will disappear and you will not see any more action until the next round.(usually a 30 sec to 2 minute wait) In attrition your body will stay where it is unless the other team grabs the artifact (flag) and bashes you repeatedly with it until your body is gone. Therefore, resurrect is essential in the gametype "attrition" most times you can only life twice, unless you are getting beaten very badly...when that happens "karma" comes into effect and your team is blessed with a fighting chance...from being able to live more than players being able to resurrect more people than normal.

The other gametypes include "Raid" which is an attack and defend team attacks for the entire match, while the other team defends. The last gametype is "Extraction" which is similar to a neutral flag gametype, both teams rush the center of the map to get the flag...once you have it you must deliver it in the enemies spawn.

As you can see, there is a lot to learn and a lot to love about this wonderful online shooter. I just don't get some of these reviews today...I swear most people that get paid to review games don't even consider multiplayer as a valuable component within today's games. Take the reviews for "single-player" only games...they don't knock them constantly throughout the review for not offering a multiplayer portion do they? Yet you play those once through and you've been there done that...excuse me, but how is that worth $60!

There are so many ways to approach this game...4 different races to choose and unlimited combinations of loadouts between your weapons, magic and tech.
This game has very few graphical issues...the motion capture when climbing ladders is poor, but beyond that the game looks great and is very colorful.
No complaints here...
Fun Factor
Depending on if you are winning or losing this can be the greatest game and it can also make you very angry...if you get on a bad team that doesn't communicate or use resurrect!
Its all online baby...the way more games should be, no need for them to delay the development by creating 10 hour dramas...just release more multiplayer only games and release them more often!
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