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Shadow of the Colossus

- PS2

Vexx's Shadow of the Colossus review No. players: 1 Genre: Action-adventure (Vexx's) Classification: Zelda minus the dungeons only boss battles. "A quest to bring a loved one back from the any means necessary" The game is simple you need to bring back this girl (Sister, girlfriend, future wife, princess we never really know) to life, so you go this cursed land to do thi...



Shadow of the Colossus

- PS3

Shadow of The Colossus is the spiritual successor to Team Ico's ICO, but is a vastly different game. While ICO mostly focused on puzzles, Shadow of The Colossus is all about action and the great colossi which you have to take down. The game begins as the protagonist, Wander, and his horse, Agro, travel to a forbidden land in search of the ancient power of Dormin, an entity which is said to be a...

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Shadow of the Colossus

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Release Dates
PS2 Release Dates
EU 17 February 2006
US 18 October 2005
PS3 Release Dates
JP December 2011
US 31 December 2011
EU 30 September 2011
AU 29 September 2011
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