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SEGA – Gaming’s Biggest Disappointment‏

19h ago - As great as Sega were (and they really were fantastic), the current state of the company paints a... | Wii U

Sega Wishes PlayStation Happy 20th Birthday on the Saturn’s 20th Anniversary

2d ago - Almost 20 years ago, on December 3rd, 1994, the original PlayStation took the Japanese market by... | Industry

The Jimquisition: Sonic Gloom

4d ago - Jim Sterling: As Monday rolls around, it’s time for yet another Jimquisition from your ol’ pal... | Industry

Interview: Yuya Kimura Talks Games Of His Youth And Titles He'd Like To Produce (3/3) | AUTOMATON

11d ago - Yuya Kimura continues his chat with AUTOMATON's James Mountain and talks about the games of his y... | Industry

Halo: The Master Chief Collection (XB1) Review

Now - Ken spends a lot of time with Chief and his collection. | Promoted post

Interview: Sega's Yuya Kimura Talks PSO2 Expansion And DDoS Attacks (Part 2 of 3) | AUTOMATON

13d ago - Yuya Kimura continues his interview with AUTOMATON's James Mountain and discusses current and fut... | Industry

Interview: Sega's Yuya Kimura Talks Past And Future Of Phantasy Star Online 2 (1/3) | AUTOMATON

15d ago - Sega's Yuya Kimura, series director of Phantasy Star Online 2, speaks with AUTOMATON Editor-in-Ch... | Industry

GotGame - Sonic Boom Preview with Stephen Frost

21d ago - "Stephen Frost, Producer at Sega of America, Inc. gives a sneak peak at the new Sonic for Wii U a... | Wii U

Sega Does - The Quest To Review EVERY Sega Game

21d ago - Rodolfo from Consolebits writes: After his epic quest to review EVERY NES game, Dylan from Quest... | Retro

Sega Restructuring Game Business with Online Games at its Core After Soft Demand for Packaged Titles

27d ago - Sega Sammy Holdings posted its financial results for the six months ended on September 30, showin... | PC

How Sonic Helped Sega Win the Early 90s Console Wars

28d ago - Kotaku: "In the early 1990s, Sega had a 6% market share in the US whilst Nintendo had 94% – but... | Culture

Top 7 Creepiest Video Game Commercials

29d ago - MegaJon writes "Video games have been in the media for decades and commercials are the easiest wa... | Wii U

Jump To Gamer-- Alien: Isolation Review

43d ago - The survival horror genre has fallen by the wayside over the past generation. Horror games have s... | PC

Dreamcast turns 15 (in Europe)

45d ago - VideoGamer: "Today is the 15th anniversary of the Dreamcast's European launch. To celebrate/commi... | Culture

Alien: Isolation Preview | VGU

60d ago - Sega and Creative Assembly brought Alien: Isolation to EGX 2014 and we checked it out. | PC

What Puts the J in JRPGs?

60d ago - Hardcore Gamer: It’s often wondered what, exactly, sets JRPGs apart from their western cousins. S... | Culture

Sega’s 3D Ages Games Are Being Bundled For Retail Release

64d ago - "Sega has been re-releasing some of their classics like Space Harrier and Ecco the Dolphin for Ni... | 3DS

Castle of Illusion - Sega Master System Review

65d ago - Mitch takes a looks back to the Master System release of Castle of Illusion. Watch his review of... | Retro

Let's Talk Games (LTG) Retro Basketball Videogames

65d ago - "This Episode we take a look at the wonderful world of basket ball video(any game that includes a... | Culture

Alien: Isolation adds a survivor mode, will be released as DLC

72d ago - While Alien: Isolation hasn’t even been released yet, Sega and Creative Assembly have already ann... | PC

Why the Alien's killer instinct ruins the scares in Isolation

72d ago - Horror comes in all shapes and sizes and often what scares some of us will make others laugh. One... | PC

Lords of the Fallen (PS4) Review

Now - Drew puts his soul into this review. | Promoted post

5 Dreamcast Innovations (Ahead of its Time)

74d ago - Maybe the Dreamcast just burned twice as bright and half as long. Here are Five Dreamcast Innovat... | Retro

Dreamcast turns 15: 8 games that defined Sega's under appreciated console

74d ago - When we look back at the Sega Dreamcast, we can't help but wonder what might have been. It was a... | Culture

Sega Announces Tokyo Game Show Lineup

76d ago - MNN: "This year’s Tokyo Game Show will soon be upon us and publisher and developer Sega has outl... | Xbox 360

Football Manager hits the big screen in feature-length documentary

77d ago - Sega and developer Sports Interactive have partnered with Vue Cinemas and producers FilmNova to r... | PC

Phantasy Star Online 2 Still Delayed for The West

77d ago - More than 2 years after the initial release of Phantasy Star Online 2 in Japan players in the Wes... | PC
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