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Sega Genesis’s 25th anniversary: The 5 games that defined the legendary console

46d ago - GamesBeat: On its 25th birthday, we look at the five games that helped shape the Genesis’s legacy. | Retro

Sega Genesis genius Tom Kalinske on its 25 year legacy: Nintendo, Sonic, and the ‘street date’

46d ago - The man responsible for much of the Genesis's success in North America looks back on what made th... | Retro

Celebrating the Sega Genesis As It Turns 25 Years Old

46d ago - The Genesis, true to its name, was the dawn of a new era, not only of graphics and sound, but of... | Retro

Alien: Isolation ‘Improvise’ Trailer Highlights The Survival Horror Atmosphere

47d ago - Here is a scary trailer from Alien: Isolation revealed at Gamescon. If you are scared as hell aft... | PC

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SEGA Is Going To Pay $1.25 Million In Aliens:Colonial Marines While Gearbox Still Fights The Case

48d ago - It’s quite sometime now as SEGA and Gearbox were facing the class-action suit regarding false adv... | PC

Hype And Critical Acclaim–Why It Sucks

51d ago - Hype and critical acclaim is a sure fire way to kill a game’s reputation. With the recent media a... | PC

The Sega 32X: Where did it all go wrong?

55d ago - Twenty years on, Power Up Gaming takes a retrospective look at the failures of Sega's ill-fated G... | Retro

5 things that SEGA need to do with the next Yakuza game

57d ago - Continue Play's Shehzaan Abdulla discusses what he feels are 5 things that SEGA needs to address... | Xbox 360

Long Awaited Sonic Prologue Fan Film Arrives

58d ago - Fans of SEGA's mascot have released their latest production, Sonic Prologue, a celebration of how... | Culture

SEGA Profits Tumble Following Lack of Releases

59d ago - SEGA has released its results for the first quarter of the financial year, revealing a profit dro... | Industry

The film of gaming’s greatest fight is coming

62d ago - An interview with Blake J. Harris, author of Console Wars, looks into how Nintendo and Sega’s bit... | Culture

Attack On Backlog: Valkyria Chronicles Episode 3

76d ago - Philip continues the struggle against really bad RNG odds in the third episode of Valkyria Chroni... | PS3

A Comprehensive Overview of Alien: Isolation's DLC

79d ago - What started out as just an announcement news story turned into a full analysis of the Pros and C... | PC

This Week's Purchase: SEGA Master System (plus additional SEGA items)

79d ago - DC - "Anyone following DC may be vaguely aware of the evolution of my SEGA collection, and in the... | Retro

Attack On Backlog! Valkyria Chronicles Episode 2

80d ago - Philip and Gagan are joined by Will in the long awaited second episode of Attack On Backlog! Valk... | PS3

SEGA Dev Claims "No Such Plan" To Support Wii U's Virtual Console

81d ago - What may come as a blow to retro enthusiasts, SEGA have revealed that they currently do not have... | Wii U

What happens when you plug in 13 Sonic & Knuckles cartridges?

82d ago - "Why must we play God? Brandon Sheffield, Gamasutra editor and director of Necrosoft Games, to... | Culture

The Rose Experience: Top gaming franchises we want rebooted/remade

83d ago - Reboots, re-imaginings and remakes are all the rage right now in video games. In the latest Rose... | GameCube

SEGA has shipped over 2.5 million Hatsune Miku games in Japan

90d ago - Total shipments of the Hatsune Mike series have surpassed 2.5 million units in Japan as of July 2... | PSP

Top 5 iPhone Tennis Games to Play During Wimbledon

90d ago - Qi investigates the best tennis games on iPhone this Wimbledon season | iPhone

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Unused Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Hologram Label Revealed

90d ago - Sega struck gold with Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis in 1991, so when the time came to r... | Retro

Entertainment Buddha-cast: Ep. 8 – “EB’s E3 Recap Pt. 2 – The Big Pubs”

96d ago - EB's Matt Heywood writes, "In the latest episode of the Buddha-cast the team concludes their disc... | PC

Sonic Turns 23

97d ago - Today is a special day for Sega, Sonic has turned 23. With Sonic Boom releasing soon it's uncerta... | Culture

My Personal History of SEGA

97d ago - The SEGA of my childhood was a great company and the single competitor to the “Big N” aka Nintend... | Industry

Power Button - Episode 134: Behind The Lines Of Console Wars With Blake J. Harris

98d ago - War is hell, but Console Wars is pretty awesome. On this episode of Power Button we're joined by... | Industry