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Will there ever be a SEGA Dreamcast 2? – From dream to reality

4d ago - As you may know, SEGA pulled the plug on their Dreamcast console back in September 2001. So just... | Tech

Blow In My Cartridge - SEGA's Weirdly Vulgar 90's Ads

9d ago - Video game advertising can be tricky business, with marketing campaigns having to tread the line... | Culture


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5 Publishers That Have Totally Stopped Giving a Crap

49d ago - "Sometimes, a developer or publisher says something, and all you can do is shake your head and go... | PC

Worth Reading: How Sega Totally Blew It With Saturn

49d ago - Patrick Klepiek:"Ahh, Friday. You’re here, I’m here, and that means Worth Reading, our weekly col... | Industry

It had to Start Somewhere 3: Sonic The Hedgehog (1991)

53d ago - The Gamer Headlines wrote: Sonic’s story starts back in the April of 1990 when Sega announced tha... | Culture

This Week in Gaming History: How E3 1995 changed gaming forever

53d ago - A look back 20 years at the very first E3 and how Sony got it so right and Sega got it so wrong. | Culture

Sega, Konami and Their Fellow Fallen Giants

54d ago - Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'Some worrying trends have been emerging over the past 3 – 5 years.... | Xbox 360

LMC's Gaming Memories: The Worst Videogame I Ever Played

95d ago - What is the worst videogame you have ever played? Three members of the LMC team look back with a... | GameCube

What can Nintendo learn from Sega's foray into mobile?

105d ago - Pocket Gamer: With Nintendo finally announcing its intention to enter the smartphone game market... | Mobile

Great Games Of Last Generation: The Conduit

116d ago - The Conduit strived to be the quality FPS experience Wii owners were missing out... | Wii

Spinning Machines and Alien Power: Looking Back At Yuzo Koshiro's Darkest Masterpiece

128d ago - Sumthing writes: It’s 1993, and young, universally celebrated composer Yuzo Koshiro has grown ti... | Culture

Crusader of Centy Retrospective

132d ago - "When Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was released in 1991, the world went wil... | Retro

Throwback Thursday: The Sad Death of Sega Channel

135d ago - Sega Channel burst onto the scene at the end of 1994 in the U.S., offering Genesis owners a deal... | Culture

4 Indie Developers Who Could Make Condemned 3

138d ago - This month, Jace Hall - the CEO of Condemned creator Monolith Productions - expressed his interes... | Xbox

What Sega should learn from Sonic’s worst games

138d ago - Sega needs to learn from the mistakes it already made with the Sonic series. | Xbox 360

Throwback Thursday: Ferrari F355 Challenge

150d ago - Remembering one of the most authentic racing sims ever. | PS2

How to Save SEGA in the West

152d ago - With the recent announcement of a relocation for Sega America, causing 300 redundancies in the St... | Culture

Nintendo Needs To Buy Sega...Now

155d ago - With all of Sega's financial woes going on, it needs a savior. And here's why there's no better o... | Industry

Want to know what Sega employees really think of Sega?

156d ago - Rice Digital take a look at the opinions of Sega employees about what's gone wrong at the company... | Industry

Shining Dissonance: Japanese Customers Unhappy with Invasive Microtransactions

165d ago - A new JRPG that once sparkled on the horizon has left early adopters with a truly bitter taste in... | PS3

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Was the Xbox an Evolution of the Sega Dreamcast

173d ago - TK: Sega Dreamcast, Xbox, Microsoft...Ever imagined there would be some connection. From what cou... | Xbox

Video Game Yore: Toejam and Earl

177d ago - Aggro Sky of Gaming Rebellion Writes: Video Game Yore is a series of articles which attempts to a... | Culture

Are Sega Wising Up To The West?

180d ago - Rhys from Awesome Games writes: 'While they’ve made some questionable business decisions over the... | PS3

Sega vs. Nintendo: Mortal Kombat

192d ago - PYB: The 90s was witness to perhaps the greatest console war when the two giants of gaming, Ninte... | Industry

Sega: From Triumph to Tragedy

197d ago - Chances are if you have lived through the 90s, you had either played or owned one of Sega’s most... | Retro
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