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From Herobyclicking When winter descends on the Rocky Mountains in Colorado I get more than a little bit excited. Life, in our house, is food. W...

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The 7 best gaming startup screens of all time

7d ago - VideoGamer: "Xbox One is changing its boot screen! This may not immediately be a source of celebr... | GameCube

What if Sega Were Still Rivalling Nintendo?

14d ago - Kotaku: I'm no nostalgist when it comes to gaming. I believe that what we're playing now, and wha... | Industry

A Comprehensive Overview of Alien: Isolation's DLC

19d ago - What started out as just an announcement news story turned into a full analysis of the Pros and C... | PC

This Week's Purchase: SEGA Master System (plus additional SEGA items)

19d ago - DC - "Anyone following DC may be vaguely aware of the evolution of my SEGA collection, and in the... | Retro

IndieMonth: Final Phase

Now - IndieMonth is indie-ing. I mean ending. Maybe both. Today is the last day, and it's a doozy! | Promoted post

Growing up Sega: Sega-CD and 32X

21d ago - From the article, "What really matters is that [Jerimiah Mueller's] Dad couldn’t be left behind b... | Culture

Growing Up Sega: Genesis

23d ago - From the article, "It was a Friday night and my Dad, my step sister, step-Mom, and I took a trip... | Retro

Growing Up Sega: The Master System

24d ago - From the article, "[Jerimiah Mueller] plays video games because of my father. Way back in the pre... | Culture

Behind the scenes at Nintendo, Sega in ‘Console Wars’

25d ago - TBN: "Blake J. Harris wrote “Console Wars” for me. More to the point, he wrote this book for all... | Culture

SEGA expand digital downloads available to PS3 users via the PS Network from GAME

30d ago - Today GAME has launched an expanded range of SEGA digital download codes available via the PSN. | PS3

Sonic Turns 23

37d ago - Today is a special day for Sega, Sonic has turned 23. With Sonic Boom releasing soon it's uncerta... | Culture

My Personal History of SEGA

37d ago - The SEGA of my childhood was a great company and the single competitor to the “Big N” aka Nintend... | Industry

Is Alien: Isolation the Alien Game We’ve All Been Waiting For?

47d ago - GeekParty's April Marie writes: "We at GeekParty are starting to believe that Alien: Isolation co... | PC

CGM Reviews: Console Wars Book

56d ago - For a relatively young industry, gaming has a lot of stories. Not just records of numbers and peo... | Culture

Gaming's Biggest Controller Failures

58d ago - Each generation, game companies try to move gamers deeper into the experience and expand how we i... | Tech

How Scrappy Little Sega Nearly Dethroned Nintendo

71d ago - An interview with Blake J. Harris, the author of Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle tha... | Industry

Altered Beast: What Did Critics Say Back in 1989?

77d ago - Rise from your grave, because it's time to take a look at one of Sega's earliest Genesis games. F... | Culture

How Sega Planned To Crush Nintendo, 24 Years Ago

80d ago - Blake J. Harris' book Console Wars, out tomorrow, takes readers behind enemy lines to meet the me... | Industry

Video games are not more expensive at all

83d ago - For some, the prices of the video games seem to be an issue these days. But in fact, they are no... | PC

Get Games Has 15 Steam Games For Sega Get Loaded Sale

90d ago - GG3 writes: "Online store Get Games is back with another Get Loaded promotion, favoring some clas... | PC

Shinobi III: What Did the Critics Say in 1993?

94d ago - Review Crew #35 - Joe Musashi is back for one final 16-bit adventure. Today we're looking at Shin... | Retro

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Gamefly Offering Sega Steam Deals Between 66% And 75% Discount

103d ago - GG3 writes: "More deals are popping up this Easter weekend, as Gamefly’s digital branch has put u... | PC

Gaming History 101: Project Mercury

106d ago - This week GH101 is talking about the Sega Game Gear (Project Mercury), Sega’s first portable cons... | Culture

The 5 Most Frustrating Puzzles In Sonic History

112d ago - It's not all 'hold right to win' in SEGA's keynote platformers. Find out which Sonic moments had... | Xbox 360

SEGA To Block Western IPs From South East Asian Release Of English Phantasy Star Online 2

120d ago - Voxel Juice reveals that SEGA will ban non South East Asian IPs from downloading or playing its E... | PC

Nights: Into The Abyss

121d ago - Nights: Into Dreams sequel Nights: Journey of Dreams and the unholy abyss it sank into. Oh Sega,... | Wii
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