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In the Shadow of Greatness | A Dreamcast Retrospective (Part II)

1d 23h ago - AUTOMATON writer Graham Arthur delves further into the rise and fall of the Sega Dreamcast in the... | Culture

Humble’s Sega Mobile Bundle Just Got Bigger

2d ago - Earlier last week, the Sega Mobile Bundle kicked off, offering six titles that the publisher has... | iPhone

Game of The Week-Sky Pirates. SKY PIRATES.

3d ago - Kotaku TAY blogger WingZero351 returns this week with a look at Dreamcast classic Skies of Arcadi... | Retro

Sega Announces PAX Prime Lineup

4d ago - Sega has announced their plans for PAX Prime which include the highly anticipated Alien Isolation. | Culture

Metro Redux (PS4) Review

Now - Ken returns to the Metro for this amazing remaster. | Promoted post

What Dreams May Come | A Dreamcast Retrospective (Part I)

4d ago - AUTOMATON writer Graham Arthur kicks off a new miniseries focusing on the Dreamcast - what went r... | Culture

Humble Bundle: Mobile Sega Games Galore

9d ago - The latest humble bundle is out for Android and includes some pretty sick SEGA games! | PC

The Humble SEGA Mobile Bundle - A little Sonic in your pocket

9d ago - The Humble SEGA Mobile Bundle brings the classics to your fingertips in a new sale including, Son... | iPhone

Misplaced Melodies #2: Dreamcast Stuff

11d ago - So for this edition of Misplace Melodies 8BitChimp wanted to look at one of Brian's favorite cons... | GameCube

A Childhood Summed Up By Video-Games

12d ago - The writer from IM PLAYIN takes a look at some of the video-games that featured in their time gro... | PC

Sega Genesis’s 25th anniversary: The 5 games that defined the legendary console

16d ago - GamesBeat: On its 25th birthday, we look at the five games that helped shape the Genesis’s legacy. | Retro

Sega Genesis genius Tom Kalinske on its 25 year legacy: Nintendo, Sonic, and the ‘street date’

16d ago - The man responsible for much of the Genesis's success in North America looks back on what made th... | Retro

Celebrating the Sega Genesis As It Turns 25 Years Old

16d ago - The Genesis, true to its name, was the dawn of a new era, not only of graphics and sound, but of... | Retro

5 things that SEGA need to do with the next Yakuza game

27d ago - Continue Play's Shehzaan Abdulla discusses what he feels are 5 things that SEGA needs to address... | Xbox 360

Long Awaited Sonic Prologue Fan Film Arrives

27d ago - Fans of SEGA's mascot have released their latest production, Sonic Prologue, a celebration of how... | Culture

SEGA Profits Tumble Following Lack of Releases

28d ago - SEGA has released its results for the first quarter of the financial year, revealing a profit dro... | Industry

Atlus On Working With Sega, And Possible Collaborations In The Near Future

30d ago - Atlus CEO Naoto Hiraoka along with representative director and president Yukio Sugino discuss the... | Industry

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal (3DS) Release Date Announced

36d ago - Get ready Sonic fans. Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal officially arrives on Nintendo 3DS on Tuesday... | 3DS

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U) Released Date Announced

37d ago - SEGA has announced the release date for Sonic's newest upcoming adventure on Wii U, Sonic Boom: R... | Wii U

Book Review: Console Wars by Blake J Harris | Dracula's Cave

44d ago - DC - "It’s 1990. Videogames are a $3 billion industry and Nintendo owns 90% of it. The other 10%... | Culture

This Week's Purchase: SEGA Master System (plus additional SEGA items)

49d ago - DC - "Anyone following DC may be vaguely aware of the evolution of my SEGA collection, and in the... | Retro

Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3) Review

Now - Jae digs into the latest in the Tales series. | Promoted post

Green Man Gaming Launches 75% OFF Square Enix and Sega Games Sale

50d ago - Another week-end, another sale! Green Man Gaming just launched a new promo sale that features som... | PC

Sega’s four attempts at making Streets of Rage 4

51d ago - Streets of Rage 4 has almost been developed on four occasions, Sam Hewitt of Level Complete gives... | Retro

Fantasy Zone 2 is the next 3DS title for Sega 3D Classics

52d ago - Fantasy Zone 2: The Tears of Opa-Opa is the next game that will get the Sega 3D Classics treatmen... | Retro

Sorry, Sega: Sonic the Hedgehog is Better Off in the Hands of the Fans

52d ago - With Sega changing the style of Sonic on an almost yearly basis, creative fans could very well be... | Culture

Sega: Sonic Boom is Not Bad If You Aren’t Looking For a Good Game to Play

59d ago - Claiming that most gamers who play Sonic games are not playing it for the gameplay, Sega says tha... | Culture
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