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RPG Greats From SNES To PlayStation To Mobile

636d ago ... When I saw a trailer for a new Secret of Mana game I was incredibly stoked in mere seconds. Sadly that elation vanished as fast as it appeared when I noticed that 'Rise of Mana' is a game only for mobile phones. What does this mean for true RPG fans? Secret Of Mana is easily one of the greatest games ever to grace the Super Nintendo with its presence. Simply remembering the time I've put int...

Top 10 JRPG games, back when JRPG's used to be Awesome

1331d ago ... A long time ago JRPG's used to use a simple formula, which consisted of epic and unique stories with interesting and strategic battle systems, optional hard bosses and mini games, it was a guaranteed success. But now the JRPG developers have ignored these formulas and the genre is having some trouble on consoles. Honourable mentions: 12. Secret of Mana 11. Dark Cloud 1 & 2
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