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No Man's Sky Has Multiplayer, But Sean Murray Would Prefer That We All Just Forget It

25d ago - The Games Cabin - No Man's Sky finally has a release window, but despite knowing when it'll launc... | PC

No Man's Sky - managing the hype (Sean Murray interview)

25d ago - EG: From the gameplay we've seen so far, No Man's Sky looks really exciting, but what do you do w... | PC

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No Man’s Sky Devs “Still Incredibly Hard at Work,” “Going Really Well,” “Don’t Want to Mess Up”

34d ago - The development team behind the indie darling No Man’s Sky has been relatively silent for a while... | PC

Shu Yoshida, Neil Druckmann, Sean Murray, more pick their top Uncharted moments

52d ago - PS Blog: Hey there everyone. As you’ll likely be aware, today sees the release of Uncharted: The... | PS4

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert hosting No Man's Sky demo next week

67d ago - Want to see more of No Man's Sky? You'll need to tune into next week's Late Show with Stephen Col... | PC

No Man's Sky sheds light on the dark side of what you can do in its vast universe

73d ago - Edge Staff: Embarrassingly, we’ve only just landed on a new world and already we’ve misplaced... | PC

No Man's Sky: how to play a game with 18 quintillion worlds

80d ago - Samuel Roberts: "I'm talking to Sean Murray, one of Hello Games’ four co-founders, at our E3 P... | Industry

In No Man’s Sky your gun is a multitool wonder

118d ago - GR: "As nebulous a concept as a procedurally-generated spare exploration sim might sound on th... | PC

When You Die in No Man's Sky, You May See a Jaden Smith Motivational Quote

158d ago - Gamespot: "When you die in No Man's Sky, a Call of Duty-style motivational quote will pop up o... | PC

This man’s sky: Hello Games’ Sean Murray is making his dream game

162d ago - Ars was treated to a closed-room demo of upcoming galaxy exploration game No Man's Sky on Tuesday... | PC

No Man's Sky Has Destructible Terrain, Vows To Make Resource Gathering Fun

310d ago - Sean Murray revealed that No Man's Sky features destructible terrain, and Hello Games wants to ma... | PC

So, what do you actually do in No Man's Sky? - Sean Murray explains

311d ago - "Space is big", wrote Douglas Adams in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. "You just won't belie... | PS4

No Man's Sky Gameplay Interview With Hello Games

330d ago - Hello Games developer Sean Murray explains the complexities of creating an infinite space explora... | PS4

An Assortment Of Lesser-Known No Man's Sky Facts

336d ago - Gameinformer writes:"As we near the end of our month of No Man's Sky coverage, it's time to focus... | PC

Coping With The Hype Of No Man's Sky

345d ago - GameInformer- "Ever since No Man's Sky was unveiled during the Spike VGX awards in 2013, the inte... | PC

No Man's Sky Hello Games Interview

348d ago - Hello Games developer Sean Murray explains where the idea for the open world PS4 game, No Man's S... | PS4

70 Questions And Answers About No Man's Sky

349d ago - No Man's Sky presents players with a practically infinite galaxy to explore. Needless to say, thi... | PC

Stop Thinking Of No Man’s Sky As A Multiplayer Game

353d ago - GameInformer- "We spoke with Hello Games' managing director Sean Murray for hours about his team’... | PC

Take A 30-Minute Behind-The-Scenes Tour Of No Man's Sky

358d ago - The small team out of Guildford, England is using procedural generation to create an entire galax... | PS4

Sean Murray talks No Man's Sky's beginning, upgrading and a player's purpose

445d ago - Sean Murray spoke about No Man's Sky upgrading, its beginning and purpose for players. | PC

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Interview: Why you’ll want to explore the vast galaxy of No Man’s Sky on PS4

453d ago - "When Sean Murray, Managing Director of Hello Games, stepped onto the PlayStation stage at E3 201... | PS4

Sean Murray recalls discovering a new planet, that's what No Man's Sky is about

458d ago - Hello Games' Managing Director Sean Murray spoke about one of his favorite moments he experienced... | PC

Sean Murray confirms there are no loading times in 'No Man's Sky'

458d ago - No Man's Sky creator Sean Murray spoke about the world, what is responsible for the creation of e... | PC

No Man's Sky co-creator on game costs: Content expenses are 'the real problem'

476d ago - At the AAA level, taking high-level risk is not a frequent occurrence in the gaming industry. As... | PC

No Man's Sky: Our own sun would die before seeing every planet, says Murray

486d ago - No Man's Sky's creator Sean Murray shared when asked what would happen if someone visited a plane... | PC
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