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Whats better disc or digital

1656d ago ... Digital is beginning to dominate the gaming and other media formats today thanks to methods such as streaming from Netflix®, music from iTunes® marketplace, the popular e-books and kindle® and Steam store®. This has changed peoples opinions over the physical product and those with great internet are taking advantage of this life change. First I will start with the pros of the digital format....

A case of Corporate rip off: Gamestop

1911d ago ... I own a PS3. The 80gig MGS4 bundle, the last model with backwards compatibility (B/c). Seeing as how I never really use the B/c and my electric bill is outrageously high I decided maybe it was time to trade up to the Ps3 slim. (It's suppose to use 40% less power) So being a smart shopper I decided to do some research and see how much I could sell my Ps3 for. Here are the specifics. 1) It is...
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