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Pocket Gamer: Samurai Sword Destiny Review

751d ago - Pocket Gamer: Superficially, Samurai Sword Destiny isn't a very good game. But if you plough enou... | 3DS

Review: Samurai Sword Destiny (Nintendo Invader)

767d ago - The eShop's first game from UFO Interactive is a side-scrolling samurai slash 'em up. Here's our... | 3DS
20° Samurai Sword Destiny - 3DS Download Review

834d ago - "The hack-'n'-slash genre of games has been widely panned, being judged simply as nothing more th... | 3DS

TLR: Diss or Download Video Review Show

874d ago - "KJ Reviews The Simpsons Arcade, Samurai Sword Destiny and Sakura Samurai. Are these titles worth... | Xbox 360

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NWR: Samurai Sword Destiny Review

911d ago - NWR: In UFO Interactive’s Samurai Sword Destiny, you kill as many dudes as you can to gain money... | 3DS

Diehard GameFAN: Samurai Sword Destiny Review

925d ago - DHGF: Samurai Sword Destiny tries to make the trek from the iOS platform to the 3DS eShop with mi... | 3DS

Samurai Sword Destiny (3DS eShop) Review - Nintendo Life

925d ago - Nintendo Life's Jon Wahlgren says: "There's been a lot of ballyhoo about the death of the dedi... | 3DS

Tech-Gaming | Samurai Sword Destiny Review

927d ago - As long as players are fundamentally opposed to a bit of repetition, Samurai Sword Destiny narrow... | Mobile

GEV: Nintendo 3DS Review: Samurai Sword Destiny

927d ago - For those who have played Muramasa, this game will immediately feel familiar. I would like to pra... | 3DS

GameSpot: Samurai Sword Destiny Launch Trailer (3DS)

930d ago - GameSpot: "Samurai Sword Destiny is now available in the Nintendo e-Shop." | 3DS

Samurai Sword Destiny Review (Modojo)

931d ago - Chris Buffa (Modojo): Samurai Sword Destiny is a 2D hack-an-slash adventure from UFO Interactive.... | 3DS

3DS eShop Helps Kill Time During Post Holiday Rush

931d ago - Chris Buffa (Modojo): It took a while, but we managed to survive the holiday gaming season, parti... | 3DS

IGN: Samurai Sword Destiny Review

931d ago - Samurai Sword Destiny is trying to be Muramasa. Someone on this game's development team must have... | 3DS
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