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Five Fighting Game Series That Hopefully Never Get Sequels

1511d ago - GPT: "Ever since I first played games like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat 3 back on the SNES... | GameCube

Anime Courtyard | Samurai Shodown Sen Review

1557d ago - Samurai Shodown is a great classic from SNK, originally released for the NEO GEO arcade to our ho... | Xbox 360

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The Twelve Games of Christmas: Day Four

1651d ago - Electronic Theatre aims to remind you of the videogames you may have missed in 2010 in our The Tw... | Nintendo DS

El33tonline Review: Samurai Showdown Sen

1837d ago - Samurai Shodown’s first appearance of the generation is an entertaining but flawed experience. SN... | Xbox 360

Guardian: Samurai Shodown Sen Review

1860d ago - Guardian writes: "Released in the same month as Super Street Fighter 4 and anticipated by pretty... | Xbox 360

Multiplayer: Samurai Shodown Sen Review

1860d ago - Multiplayer: The fans of fighting games can hardly complain about lack of consideration by the de... | Xbox 360

the bitbag:Samurai Shodown Sen Review

1860d ago - Kristen prepares for battle as she reviews the “re-amped” version of the Samurai Shodown series.... | Xbox 360

XboxGaming: Samurai Shodown Sen Review

1861d ago - "Samurai Shodown Sen’s Xbox release comes a full two years after it was originally released to ar... | Xbox 360

Gamesurf Review: Samurai Shodown Sen

1877d ago - Gamesurf: Despite a very prohibitive price to the public (at $ 599 + game console launch, about $... | Xbox 360

GameFocus: Samurai Showdown SEN Review

1885d ago - As opposed to some of the other button-masher fighting games, Samurai Showdown won’t let you win... | Xbox 360

Gamestar Review: Samurai Shodown Sen

1885d ago - Gamestar: Although even less accustomed to the genre remember quite well-known series such as Str... | Xbox 360

Spawn Kill Review: Review: Samurai Shodown Sen

1887d ago - Dana "Hear1lly" Russo of Spawn Kill writes: "When I play a fighting game, I usually connect wi... | Xbox 360

SBG: Samurai Shodown Sen Review

1896d ago - SBG: Samurai Shodown Sen feels like SNK looked at every popular fighter released in the last few... | 2

WorthPlaying: Samurai Shodown Sen Review

1897d ago - WorthPlaying writes: "Most 2-D fighters don't make the transition to 3-D very well. More oft... | 2

411mania: Samurai Shodown: Sen Review

1897d ago - 411mania writes: "Back when Arcades were still alive and well and people flocked to them for... | 2

Game Critics: Samurai Shodown Sen Review

1902d ago - Game Critics writes: "Back in the days when going to an arcade was still popular (and possib... | 2

Game Vortex: Samurai Shodown Sen Review

1903d ago - Samurai Shodown Sen is a love letter to the fans of fighting games that never do what you tell th... | 2

Orange: Samurai Shodown: Sen Review

1903d ago - Good fighting games don't date. Because they aren't reliant on fancy graphics or varied gameplay,... | 2

In-depth Review: Samurai Shodown Sen - Electronic Theatre

1903d ago - Like many of SNK Playmore's prolific fighting game series, Samurai Shodown is considered to be a... | 2

Guardian: Samurai Shodown Sen Review

1905d ago - Guardian writes: "The past 12 months have seen somewhat of a renaissance in the fighting gam... | 2

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Samurai Shodown Sen Review-TheGamersHub

1907d ago - TGH Writes: "When it comes to classic fighting franchises, there just aren't that many... | 2

Tech-Gaming: Samurai Shodown Sen Review

1908d ago - Although 1993's Samurai Shodown wasn't the first weapons-based fighter in a post-Street Fighter I... | 2

Samurai Shodown Sen Launches in Europe Tomorrow

1908d ago - The original Samurai Shodown released in arcades in 1993 and amidst a market flooded with 'me too... | 2

Review: Samurai Shodown SEN - Examiner

1909d ago - Fighting titles aren't released quite as much as they once were. Last year we saw several fightin... | 2

GamePro: Samurai Shodown Sen Review

1911d ago - It's sad to see what's become of the Samurai Shodown franchise over the years. Back in the day, t... | 2,7
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Samurai Shodown Sen

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Release Dates
Xbox 360 Release Dates
US 30 March 2010
EU 16 April 2010