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Interview with Joey Camen

1986d ago - Those of you who watch the credits on Sam & Max episodes will be familiar with the name of Jo... | 12

Rumor Confirmed: Tettlale has begun releasing games for Mac

1996d ago - From Gamertell: "Telltale Inc. today (February 11, 2010) confirmed during the Macworld... | 12

Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

Telltale offers free game for survey doin'

2007d ago - BeefJack writes: "Telltale games, the dudes behind Sam & Max, Wallace and Grommit and th... | 2,3,12

Rumor: Telltale may release its entire collection for Mac in 2010

2030d ago - Gamertell is reporting that it has reliable information that Telltale may be planning on releasin... | 12

Dan Connors Talks Bringing Telltale Games Content To PSN

2147d ago - Shaun McIlroy of OneLastContinue writes: Recently I had the opportunity to speak with the CE... | 1,2,3,12

Strongbad, Sam & Max and XBLA - Telltale Interview

2626d ago - TheBBPS talks with Telltale Games about a range of issues including bringing Sam & Max to XBL... | 1,2,3,12,15

CheatCC Review: Sam & Max Episode 202: Moai Better Blues (4.4 out of 5)

2741d ago - CheatCC writes: "It's quite possible Telltale Games may have tapped into a potentially endle... | 12

Sam & Max: Moai Better Blues - 4 Color Rebellion Review

2745d ago - "Moai Better Blues may not revolutionize the adventure genre, but it is one of the best Sam... | 12

Eurogamer Review - Sam & Max: Moai Better Blues

2755d ago - Kristan Reed writes: After last month's depressingly formulaic episode, the prospect of anot... | 12

Sam & Max: Season 2, Episode 2: Moai Better Blues Review by GameSpy

2758d ago - Sam and Max hit the beach (and some big stone heads, very old infants and a volcano) in their nex... | 12

Ripten Review: Sam and Max Season 2 Episode 2: Moai Better Blues

2758d ago - Andrew Podolsky of Ripten writes: "When we last left Sam and Max, they had just saved a... | 12

Sam & Max 202: Moai Better Blues Demo

2759d ago - This has been the week of Sam & Max here on Gaming Today. Not only did Jonathan post his impr... | 12

Guardian Reviews

2760d ago - Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber - 4/5 You'd win no prizes for guessing that this offers a health... | 2,5,12
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