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The Sims 4 | History is Repeating Itself...Again

117d ago ... It comes as no surprise that video game developers often form a pattern when it comes to an extensive franchise under their sleeve. Activision likes to release a new Call of Duty installment every year, Rockstar Games likes to push boundaries and parody modern culture in Grand Theft Auto, Volition likes to make each Saints Row installment more and more over the top and Electronic Arts likes to...

Why does every Open World game revolves around "Killing"

685d ago ... Open World games such as GTA, Saints Row, Just Cause, etc. Have been around for long. In each of those games i mentioned why does the main objective always revolve around killing people with no foreseeable goal?? From my playthrough into those games, i got bored easily. I played GTA4 and returned it within an hour, got SR2 and played it for a couple of hours and now its collecting dust somewhe...

Where is GTA 2099?

1036d ago ... After seeing various news stories, trailers, and other assorted fluff about Ubisoft Montreal's Watch Dogs, I found myself wondering about something. Why aren't there more open world games set in the future? We have Assassin's Creed, wich has gone up to 900 years into the past. This is part of a framework story set later this year. Two months into the future isn't exactly what I'm referring t...

Sex Sells? Well, Not to Gamers

1104d ago ... So I came across an interesting article via a video game reviewer I watch named Angry Joe. He's an avid fan of Saints Row 2, so when Saints Row: The Third was announced, naturally he was excited. I'll admit that I was interested as well, but mainly because of the new antagonist of the game, Phillipe Loren. Needless to say if you ask either of us, we'll tell you Saints Row: The Third was a huge...

My rant/review about saints row the third *story/gameplay spoilers*

1319d ago ... I am a big fan of the saints row series from the beginning and I was excited to get my hands on SR3. I was kinda worried though to hear that some activities were cut(hot fuzz,septic avenger, fight club, and demolition derby) and even more worried when they announced the 40 weeks of DLC plan but Volition made claims that they cut multiplayer to make the single player experience better. Sure, I k...

This Autumn is more than just Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3

1443d ago ... For as long as I can remember I don’t think we’ve ever had such a variety of great games to look forward to as we do for this Autumn. Just read this: Deus Ex: Human Revolutions Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception Gears of War 3 Assassins Creed: Relevations Batman: Arkham City Resistance 3 Battlefield 3 COD: Modern Warfare 3 Forza Motorsport 4 Rage Dead Island S...

Game A Vs. Game B, or Game X Compared To Game Y.

1450d ago ... Well, if you've ever been on the front page, then you've seen some of these type articles. They can range from comparing the Grand theft auto series to Saints Row, or Battlefield 3 to Modern Warfare 3, and of course the Xbox 360 Exclusive to the PS3 Exclusive type of articles. I am not comparing any game to another game, no that's not what I wanted to address in this blog, rather I wanted to...
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