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Saints Row 4 User Reviews


Saints Row 4

- Xbox 360

The Saints Row franchise has garnered a plethora of attention for its original take on open-world action and adventure; sharing similarities with Grand Theft Auto at its origin, Saints Row evolved into something more and more ludicrous, over-the-top and dramatic with each instalment. Saints Row IV is certainly not a break in that chain. Saints Row IV puts your as-always-customisable characte...



Saints Row 4

- PC

"Saints Row" the open world third person video game franchise that debuted as a cheap knockoff of Grand Theft Auto series has always been unapologetically imitating but also unique in a silly way. The newest in the series Saints Row IV doesn't deviate from that pre-established goofiness. In fact, it drives right through it, off a cliff and straight into outer space into the alien world. In S...

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Saints Row 4

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